Dinah East (1970)

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    I ran across a TS/TV film I'd never heard of on DVD: "Dinah East."
    The DVD tagline is: "A Superstar Actress is really a man... Hollywood's Strangest Story!" The idea is supposedly to tell the story of Mae West (East-Wast, very subtle....) who was allegedly a drag queen. Not a very good film and poor transfer (from video tape, I think) from DVD issuer Substance. Contains full frontal nudity.
    I put together a filmography on every film I buy or rent:

    Dinah East
    Directed by Gene Nash

    Ultra Violet ... Daniela
    Andy Davis ... Alan Sloan
    Reid Smith ... Jeff East
    Joe Taylor ... Bobby Sloan
    Ray Foster ... Tony Locke
    Matt Bennett ... Tank Swenson
    Jeremy Stockwell ... Dinah East
    Leland Murray ... Archie
    Margaret Rolfe ... Mrs. Kelly
    Victoria Wales ... Janet Arnold

    Writing credit: Gene Nash
    Produced by Gene Nash, Paula Stewart
    Original Music by Gene Nash
    Cinematography by Ross Kelsay
    Film Editing by Anthony M. Lanza

    Production Company: Page International
    Distributor: Emerson Film Enterprises

    90 min

    I rented this title from Netflix.

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