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  • Topic: Dita Von Teese Lingere Coming - With Plus Sizes

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    • April 17, 2011 6:03 PM BST
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      From Women's Wear Daily, 4/14/2011:

      Dita Yon Teese Signs Lingerie Deal
      By Karyn Monget

      DITA VON TEESE HAS signed a global licensing
      agreement with Australia's Lime
      Door Brands to produce, market and distribute
      the first collection of lingerie and bras
      and undies bearing the Dita Von Teese name.

      The agreement also involves the queen
      of burlesque and the brand development
      firm becoming co-owners of other brands
      and product categories, including a line of
      dresses. Distribution kicks off later this year
      in Australia, followed by expansion in the
      U.K. and other international markets in 2012.

      Von Teese described the lingerie pact as
      an "exciting opportunity."

      "I'm delighted to be in the process of
      creating both a line of retro-glamorous
      clothing and lingerie," said Von Teese.

      Regarding her connection with lingerie,
      which plays an all-important role in
      her risque performances, Von Teese said,
      "Indulging in elegant lingerie isn't about
      the seduction of another person, it's about
      seducing yourself first and embracing womanhood
      and femininity."

      Lingerie has been on Von Teese's to-do
      list for a while.

      In December, Von Teese told WWD: "I
      did a line with Wonderbra, which was only
      in Europe - it did really well. I'd like to
      remind women, especially in America, that
      lingerie can be beautiful and functional. You
      don't have to have your work lingerie and
      your date lingerie; it can be the same thing.
      I want to do bigger sizes, because I have a lot
      of female fans that are curvy girls."

      Von Teese's launch collection will feature
      lingerie sizes that range from extra
      small-like the petite Von Teese - to plus
      sizes, as well as bras that are sized up to
      an E cup.

      Regarding Von Teese's appeal as a fashion
      icon, Michele Hamdorf, chief executive
      officer of Lime Door Brands, said, "Dita
      Von Teese is world-renowned as a burlesque
      performer. She is probably best described
      as an old-school Hollywood siren.
      With a Twitter following of over 674,000,
      Dita Von Teese is arguably one of the biggest
      global style icons of today .... Her success
      has been based on her strong head
      for business and her distinctiveness. As a
      brand strategist and developer, I am certain
      that our collaboration will prove similarly

    • April 18, 2011 5:55 AM BST
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      Thanks Melody for posting the above, especially the picture. What I'd give to have a body like Dita Von Teese.

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