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    October 10, 2011 1:05 AM BST

    I just want to introduce myself. Before that, I want to say that after reading several messages on the various forums I am so happy I discovered this place. You all seem like awesome people and I'm sure joining will be one of the better choices I have made as a crossdresser. It is obvious that this is more than a online community, it is a family, and I can't wait to be accepted as another "sister" in it.


    Well, let me give a brief intro. I live near Toronto(home of the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs) and a huge hockey fan. I'm single at the moment, but looking to find a terrific lady to settle down with. I started crossdressing at about 12, by wearing my mother's clothes. Over the years I've gone through periods of ignoring who I am, until the need to dress just becomes to over powering to ignore. At 35, 2 years ago, I finally accepted who I am and have never been happier. Even though I have accepted and embraced being transgendered, I have only told 1 person, my best friend who is female. She has been a great source of support, which I love her for more than she knows. Since I plan to live my life as a straight male, I don't feel the need to really tell anyone else. I believe there is nothing wrong with my crossdressing being a private enjoyment in my life and it really is no one else's business.


    Well, that is all for now. I am excited to be a member here.