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Trans Man Wins First Round in Divorce Battle

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    Carol You are thinking logically-here in Texas that isn't the case. The same court could reverse the decision w/o any thinking involved.
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      December 5, 2011 9:29 PM GMT
  • I wonder what repercussions this might have on any transperson who married before they transitioned. Texas law is now saying, in effect, that they are recognising the assigned sex rather than the birth sex for marriage purposes. So does this now mean that any marriage between a M2F transsexula to a female is now no longer recognised as a legal marriage. If that is the case it could have important ramifications to TS's who would then be deemed to be in either a lesbian or gay marriage as the state of Texas does not recognise same sex marriages at this point in time.
      December 3, 2011 12:38 PM GMT
  • A transgender man has won the first round in a divorce battle against his wife when a Texas court ruled that the marriage was indeed legal and instead of granting an annulment said that the case would have to be settled through normal divorce proceedings.  This is the first time any Texas court has ruled that a transsexual man who marries a biological woman is in a legitimate marriage and represents a victory for transgendered people in Texas.

    Full report at:-

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