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    Rosie gets out of the closet

    Posted by rosie Bush (new members forum mod) 26 November - Filed in Society Girl's Personal Blogs - #Bodidris  #Wales  - 13 views

    I spent months looking and planning  for a place to come out, it had to be far enough away from home, and not too crowded, there were quite a few to choose from , but the one i chose was Bodidris Hall in NorthWales, not cheap but very nice, owned and run by transformation, .They had 2 special offers available 23 - 26 October or 20 - 23 November so I booked for the October break, however about 2 weeks before I got a phnoe call to say October had been cancelled due to lack of bookings and that my reservation had been moved to November. It turned out that the hotel was in the prosess of being sold, but they had 5 bookings for November so this was to go ahead.

             Another few weeks to wait! never mind I drove to Wales on Sunday arriving at about 2.30pm - the first to arrive, but there were still 2 lunch guests in the lounge so I was advised to change and wait untill they had gone, I dressed in skirt and top and in due course they left and I went down to be greeted by  one of the hotel staff, this was the moment! as she was the first person ever to see me dressed, but all was well and the nerves settled down, she also told me that 2 " girls" had cancelled which just left 3 of us plus the real girl partner of one of the others, after about 10 mins "Alison" came down , this was her third viset so she was a great help to me, we chatted for a few mins until "Divinia" and her partner Diane came down. Thankfully we all got on very well and chatted over drinks.

       Alison and Dee had already dressed for dinner so I went and changed into evening dress, Dinner was lovely and in the course of conversation i admitted that I had made a mess of my nail polish and had to wipe it off, Diane who is a fab girl and very supportive of Dee,  offered to do it for me, and true to her word did so after dinner, she did my nails then carried on to pluck my eyebrows and touch up my makeup - which i had been worried about as I had always struggled with it, however she told me that it was not bad which pleased me no end!

        On monday morning Dee and Diane decided to go for a long walk, So Alison and I took up the offer fromTracy one of the hotel staff to take us out to lunch in another hotel about 15 miles away. This was another first for me walking into a hotel wearing a gray dress full makeup etc however it was quiet with ony 1 elderly couple in the lounge bar so we had a leisurely lunch with no problems, in a strange way i was wishing there had been just a few more people there !!! By the time we returned to Bodidris Dee and Diane were back and we chatted until it was time to change for dinner. After dinner we were joined by Sarah and her husband Brian who is the head chef and as he brought some home made wine and stout we had a wonderfull evening(even though I dont drink I was persuaded to try the stout - which was very good)

          On tuesday Dee and Diane had to leave as they were only there for 2 nights, but another gil was expected for the last night.

          As Alison wanted to go to Llangellen and walk down the high street ( a bridge too far for me) but was a bit nervious about it we decided to go in my car, do some sightseeing and I could drop her off and collect her further on, so we stopped at the top of the Horseshoe pass had a short walk and took photos, then called at an old abbey (more photos) then onto Trevor to see the aquaduct, when we arrived there it was quiet so we walked along the tow path for a while but on turning back saw that quite a few other visitors had arrived, oops - they were between us and the car! Only one thing for it we put on brave faces and strolled back past guys walking the dog and others in the car park, but all was well and i detected no reaction from any of them. we then returned to Llangollen and I stopped at the top of the high street  to let Alison off for her walk, arranging to wait for her in a car park about 1/4 mile away. I went on to the car park to find that it was pay and display so very bravely!!! ha ha parked as close to the machine as possible and went and bought a ticket - fortunatly it was very quiet. so no problem. Alison arrived at the car after about 15 mins very pleased with herself alough i think the heels were causeing problems for the last 100 yards or so.

           By this time we were both in need of the loo so discretion being the better part of valour we headed back "home" By the time we got back the new girl "Gina" had arrived, It turned out that she could only get away for one night as she has "domestic issues" at home ! however we had another enjoyable evening. All too soon it was Wedensday morning and time to pack up for home. As it turned out the new owner of the hotel took over that day so we dont know if these breaks will continue in the future or it could be that we were the last , we will just have to wait and see, I for one would love to return as it is a super venue.