My boyfriend

  • I am so pleased for you Michelle to have found such a caring and understanding partner - may you both grow old in peace and harmony together

    Carol xx
      April 4, 2012 11:13 AM BST
  • My boyfriend Brandon has been good to me.Met him 2 years ago through some good friends of mine.The first time I was truthful to him when we met and told him I am a pre op.It was 2 week safter that,Brandon had feelings for me and I saw he was curious dating a pre op.Did date gg women in his life and I am the first trans woman he dated.He loves me and we have a great relationship.I am glad I gave him a chance,I have dated dated other men and they rejected me.Brandon,he took it well when I first told him.The other thing he likes about me,I am older than him.I am 33 and he turned 28 in Febuary.His family wise has no problems with us dating,it has been support and they see he is finally happy.I get along with his family too whom is open minded also and have taken me in.He does live with me now,moved in last year and we sleep in the same bed.My Aunt Bev was first against us dating,she is now supportive after she saw we were happy together and knows Brandon treats me very well.

      April 4, 2012 12:22 AM BST