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The Gendered Self © 2010, Anne Vitale PhD, All rights reserved

  • First a word about the title. Those of you familiar with the history of this subject will be
    quick to notice that the subtitle refers to Dr. Harry Benjamin’s ground breaking work,
    The Transsexual Phenomenon1, published in 1966. Prior to its publication, very little
    had been entered into the medical literature about the subject2,3,4,5,6. The few works
    that were published tended to be about cross dressing (transvestism) in men and gave
    the impression that the “disorder” was one of perverse sexuality. Benjamin, on the other
    hand, was one of the first to think in terms of “sex” being the physical manifestation of
    the body while “gender” and gender expression as being a totally different aspect of what
    it means to be human. Further more, he writes that he believed that gender was
    indelibly imprinted on the brain either in utero or shortly after birth. Instead of seeing
    his patients as being delusional and suffering from a sexual perversion, he saw his
    patients as suffering from a form of intersexuality7; having the body of one sex but the
    gender of the other. It is this paradigm shift in thinking that makes his work so


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