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Transcrap on CSI Las Vegas

  • CSI show had storyline of murdered TG.

    Opens with the TG hanging from tree with boobs slashed with broken bottle.

    CSI cut down and look at chest.

    Then doing autopsy and lots of crap about pre-ops taking massive amounts of estrogen.

    Then mention of seeking signs of Klinefelters but none.

    Then says no other hormones in system.

    Assistant jokes about the boobs being chesticles.

    Lab tech says estrogen was very high.

    CSI go see mother. 'My son is not a freak.'

    CSI checks mobile phone and traces regular caller as an older guy.  so no doubt the storyline will continue with the older guy paying the  for sex.

    CSI find coworker who hates transpeople.

    Coworker says he and dead TG and girls go swimming and girls freak out when the wet tshirt shows the boobs.

    Coworker says him and girl sleave quick in disgust leaving TG alive.

      June 6, 2012 8:24 PM BST