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New to forum and taking about tras stuff...

  • Hello I'm crystal. I'm new on here. A little bit about me. When I was younger around 5 years old I would take my moms swimming suits, bras and wear them. Then she found them in my room and embaraced me. I forgot about it until years latter when I was around 13. I started doing it again until I got caught. Then I took my friends moms clothes until I got caught. Then my mother and step dad sent me to a program that you live at and have therapist. Go to school there. They rule your life. They told me if I don't stop wearing women's clothes and masterbaiting them I'm going to do bad things.... I was young and didn't care. I didn't belong in my parents house. They moved from Utah to Florida. Leaving me in the program in Utah. I didn't want to live with them any ways. I stole a staff members clothes and got arrested. I went to state programs after court and was sent to Florida. I was sent to Florida in 4/8/2004. I was put in foster care and had to see a therapist. They would all ways ask me about stealing or wearing women's clothes. I did t want to talk about it. I was trying to change my ways. But I couldn't when I turned 18 I got my own place and later started buying my own clothes. Not stealing them. I was only into legerie tho. Of and on over the years I have aquired different women's clothes and got rid of all them trying to stop. Lately I've been getting into dressing and what I'm wearing. I have all sorts of clothes I've bought. I only wear them in my room or condo when my roommates not home. I don't feel like I should be a man or women. I like womens clothes, body curves. I like big boobs. I would love to have my own one day.
    I guess you could say I've had a bad experience. I don't know were to start cause this topic hasnt been talked about in years. I'm a hairy man. Only a few people know about this part of my past.

    What I want to do first ....
    Look in to hrt
    Breast implants
    Facail surgery
    And maybe grs deppending on how everything else goes.

    I want to do hrt for a year Before I do anything else.

    Where should I start?
    Money ?
    Doctors ?
    Drugs ?
      August 7, 2012 8:33 AM BST