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Will this federal ruling affect HMO coverage??

  • Thanks to recent emperical research - including surveys on this site, the American Psychology Association, and the American Psychiatry Association have both now stated in their standards of care that it is UNETHICAL for a therapist to try and convince a transsexual to try and accept or remain in their birth gender.


    The suicide rates among transgenders and transsexuals is astronomically high, and the success rates in terms of people being successful, happy, productive members of society are also remarkably good.  If you had a child and that child had a disease that had a 75% chance of killing him, and you knew you could cure the condition with some medications and surgery that was 98% effective, would you refuse to give the treatment?


    Prison is an unusual situation.  The Supreme Court has ruled that refusing or witholding medical assistance or treating people in a manner inconsistent with accepted medical practice, constitutes Cruel and Unusual punishment.  In the case of transsexuals in prison, this especially applies since MtF transsexuals are more likely to be violently attacked, raped, and even killed in a male prison.  Add to that, the high suicide rates, and refusing treatment (SRS & Hormones) is pretty much a death sentence.


      August 10, 2013 7:02 AM BST
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    Check this out in Massachusetts:

    (sorry i could not get a hyperlink). But I'm not sure I want to pay for her SRS when I cannot get mine thru my HMO. Also note they call it "mental illness" (sigh)


      September 5, 2012 3:36 AM BST