Hi Ya'all from Becca

  • Brandy new to the Gender Society. If you're interested, a little bit about me. Almost 59 now, I have been living my whole life on the fence, my feminine side always hidden (except from my loving and very supportive wife of 20 years). To the world I have lived the typical male role, dominant, control freak, etc. I have been on and off hormones more times than I care to remember. Over the past few years with lots of introspection and prayer (I am a born again Christian) I have come to realization that although born male, I was blessed with this strong feminine side. As a man, my wife were blessed with 4 beautiful children, but they are mostly grown and it's time for me now to embrace the lady that I have buried inside for so long.

    Over the past year, I am back on hormones, dyed my hair, pierced my ears and I am able to  "dressup" most of the day.  Since I am a self employed artistan and live on a farm this is not a problem. I live in a very small, very conservative town in Northern Arkansas and it's been interesting to see the response of the people in town to the new me. Numerous times people from a distance would greet my wife and I as "Hi Ladies", it doesn't seem to bother my wife and I am thrilled to feel my feminine idenity proclaimed in public. You see, here in Arkansas if you have very long hair and earrings, you must be a women.... I always wear as much women's clothing in public as I can get away with, jeans, sneakers, although tops are always a challange.

    I travel often in my work and have been tempted to really try to pass away from home, but I guess I am unsure and probably still a little insecure. I would love to live full time as the women I am, but there are realities I must face.

    This is a kind of a comming out in a way for me and I would love to hear feed back from my sisters who face similar issues. Sorry if this was long and boring, but I really needed to write this, to get it out in the open. Love and Blessings, Becca

      September 23, 2012 11:35 AM BST