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  • December 8, 2012 7:02 PM GMT

    What an oaf!,   Saying gay marriage in churches will be allowed.  UK and european law states our right to go anywhere we like, would you go and drink in a pub called ''The Gay & Tranny Bashers Arms?''


    They can make laws, it's not going to do us any favours, more resentment, hate.   Acceptance should be through education and information, not forcing bigoted people to included us.   Can you imagine a devout catholic priest, vicar, iman, conducting a ''gay marriage'' because thats how most of them see us, unaturals, an abomination of all thats holy a threat to their teachings and scriptures.


    you might say, its your right. is this a step to far.   Crossing the line?


    Does the PM really care, of course not.   We are gaining more and more acceptance,   To him

    its the ''faggot vote''  that counts,   Oh yes, thats how we are protrayed behind closed doors in the echelons of power.


    The church of England has ruled out women bishops, So a tranny wedding in church???  How many people use their local church. apart from, being baptised, married and buried.    Every girls dream to be married in church, big white wedding, nothing to do with religion, or their devotion to faith or their beliefs.    Just a big show.


    Ah but you have a gender recognition certificate, legally a woman,   Does that mean it then all depends on wether one passes sufficiently to ''get away with it''   then the question, are you a transexual????




  • December 9, 2012 4:57 PM GMT

    Oh! dear,


    The bishops, and the house of lords ensured that the Gender recognition act only got through parilament with clauses that  exclude them (The church) from the relevant sections on discrimination.


    I agree stiring up this now could, cause us more hassle than its worth.    I don't need no bishop to tell me who I can love, or sanction or bless it.   and I do love you so much xxXxxx

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    December 9, 2012 7:26 PM GMT
    Cassandra and Cristine.

    You are knocking my religion shame on you both.

    THATS MY JOB!!!!!.

    Women bishops? Never. Now if the vote was for little boy bishops that would be different! Yes yes yes (thats them saying yes not having sex).

    David Camawrong as you say only wants votes they all do. How about a transexual prime minister? I would do it but I am washing my hair tonite.

    Any idiot signing petitions and stuff to get us equal rights in the church may aswell try to sail a double decker bus to France , they will have more chance of getting there than getting married in the church. And whats the point anyway? its only a building with a fancy name run by gay bigots.

    Now stop bashing my religion you two or you will be cast into ever lasting fire like whats going to happen to me. I think its great! No more heating bills.

    PS Cristine. I think your last words on your post are sweet. You 2 were made for each other.
    Another PS. Can I be bridesmaid???????? Its ok I know the answer.

    Love to both of you xxx.
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    December 12, 2012 9:09 AM GMT
    Your right. It is all about votes. Politians don't care about people all they care about is votes and power. Love is all that should matter in a marriage. If two people love each other and want to get married they should be allowed to get married were ever they like. Being gay,straight,trans or whatever shouldn't matter and there shouldn't be any special laws for it either. If churches really are the centre of all things good then they should welcome everyone with open arms. I'm rapidly learning that politicians are out of touch with people in the real world. You can't be taught politics at private schools you have to learn it through living a real life. Anyway. Rant over.
    PS if Julia is being a bridesmaid can I be maid of honor? ;-) x
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    December 18, 2012 11:09 AM GMT

    On the one side, I do not think any religion should be forced to marry someone against their beliefs. On the other, there must be a civil equivalent to guarantee equal rights and benefits to both partners in it, just like any other marriage. How about an organized religion that only uses The New Testament? To me that is God's message to people that "Ey, You lot got it wrong, now listen carefully....LOVE ONE ANOTHER or I will smite you a second time". It is true, you can not legislate understanding and prevent hate, but it is nice to have a recourse. It may also keep some borderline violent people in check (unless they are drunk, sigh) PS I can always get a by-mail minister-ship and marry you, C&C, if you can not find someone else (unlikely)


    Thanks for the tip, Crissy.

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    December 18, 2012 7:21 PM GMT

    Sorry Wendy that makes no sense! Well it may to you but what about those who do not believe in God? are we supposed to have a third religion.


     Religion incites hate "FACT" It has done since it all started. Countless wars are started over religion it is the main cause of wars. Millions upon millions of innocent men women and their children have died in those wars because of what??? "GOD".


     I have been forced off this site by some nut who tried to force their beliefs on me! A faceless liar and a coward who dares not to post a face and pretends to be a beautiful woman less than half their real age (plus another one I can't talk about) .


     Below is the link to Christianity and what it stands for "He said it" others preach it but he had the guts to say what they "truely" think of us! They hate us.



    The link will only take you to the print version! To hear the audio you may have to look at it "away" from the link. Add it to favourites or go back on history after looking. I can get the audio but not from the above link.


     Must be something in the water over there. The person on here who incites hate again'st me comes from Queensland.


     My beliefs are . I give when I can to who I can. I help who I can when I can. I have never put myself before another. I would give up my life to save another. I have always put others before myself full stop.


     For the above I will be cast into everlasting flames according to the Bible. I may aswell be a bloody murderer according to that stupid book.


     So this God thing hates me do I care? No I do not because "I care about real people not fictitious ones" and as far as I can see in my 55 years on this earth I have done a dam site more than God has to help others . God is fictitious how can I give a **** about something I can't see hear or feel?. I believe in wind! I can't see it but I can bloody feel it.


     God is a figbox of peoples imagination , they say they don't believe in ghosts or life on other planets because they can't see it or them! Well has anyone ever seen God? No it does not exist only in others heads.


    The bible is the most blood thirsty piece of fiction ever written. Thats where the hate comes from! No religion no more wars. No religion no more perverted priests sexualy abusing children. No more religion means more land for buildings that get used more than once a week for a few hours yet cost hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to keep up.


    It may sound like I do not respect your beliefs but I do! Others just seem to understand that I have my own beliefs , and I stand by them untill I die or untill this God shows his face. Then I will tell it what I think of it and its book of evil.


    If you believers can't see the death and destruction caused by religion then open your eyes.


     If I never return goodbye.

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    December 19, 2012 1:34 AM GMT
    What an oaf, indeed! Whilst many people may agree with the statement, him saying it only goes to show that politics and religion are an ugly mix. Ergo, religion and legislation are equally ugly together, yet our laws have been influenced by religious "beliefs" for centuries.
    Now if he'd just come out of the closet and said, "Law should not be influenced by religion in any way..." that might have been quite astute. Perhaps he means well, but he's just irritated his own party, and the people he is trying to placate. Oaf.
    Speaking from my own location, upbringing and experience, marriage is a religious thing, and personally it's not something I have any desire to "reclaim". But Wendy is right, and I'm not sure if Julia has missed her point slightly; anyone who wants to live "as" a married couple is entitled to the same rights as any married couple. And if they want to get married in a church because that's what they believe is right for them, then that's between them and their church; politicians trying to get in on the act is perhaps not helpful for either side.
    And just so I'm not misunderstood: There isn't a god.
    Have I made myself clear?
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    January 23, 2013 7:28 AM GMT
    Thank you, Lucy, right on as usual.
  • February 28, 2015 10:51 PM GMT

    Who said "There isn't a god"?.  And here lies a part of my history in this thread . I am the Former Member in this. I am like a Prime Minister I have terms hereSmile.