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Make-up artist looking for models for free make-over

  • HHi Jenni,

    What a realy nice offer i can not believe no one has taken you up on it


    Alice x

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      May 2, 2017 4:58 AM BST
  • Thank you Debs. No takers so far but my fingers and toes remain crossed. If you're ever in the area, just come knocking hun. The door is always open. Have a lovely evening and take good care xxxx
      March 9, 2013 7:00 PM GMT
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    Thats a really generous offer Jen. Im sure someone will take you up on it! its a pity you didnt live in scotland or i'd be knockin on your door now. lol xx
      March 9, 2013 6:39 PM GMT
  • PLEASE NOTE This is NOT for profit and is a genuine request

    I am a freelance Make-up artist who has started to contribute beauty tips on the Transgender Zone beauty blog site.
    I have had personal experience of transgender issues which is the reason why I am here. My cousin (and best friend) had reassignment surgery 2 years ago and I was with her at the very start of this transition journey at a time when she struggling to be accepted by friends, work colleagues and family. It was a tough journey but she came out the other end happier than she has EVER been and a complete woman. 
    Another close friend of mine resides in South Wales, who I met 11 years ago and we studied together in Bristol. (this was prior to coming home and finding out about my cousin) My friend had completed her reassignment years before we met, yet still, there were people that would not accept the situation and consequently shunned her. We are still in contact and very close friends. She came to North Wales to attend my wedding last May and my cousin was my chief bridesmaid and looked absolutely beautiful!
    Having also attended social groups with my cousin, I am well adapted to the issues faced with the transgender society and want to be able to help in anyway that I can to support this transition and giving tips on what I know best - make-up - which is a good start!
    By contributing to a blog, this has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others and also learn first hand about the most important issues that need to be addressed. I will then start to build up the blogs to discuss other issues which include dressing age appropriately, which is an inspired suggestion made by Transgender Zone.
    All being well, I also hope to run a make-over stall at one of the transgender advents of which discussions are being held. 
    I have joined this site as I need to find transpeople who are out and comfortable enough in having their picture taken of a before and after make-over which will accompany my blog. This of course will be completely free with no catches what so ever and definitely no sales pitch, as I am freelance and I have tons of make-up from many different brands! The model would need to sign an independent agreement to confirm that the transgender Zone forum can host the pictures.
    The make-overs will not be of a masked make-over type similar to that of a drag queen look (which is stunningly beautiful but is heavy for that purpose) or theatre prep make-up applied for a make-over photoshoot, my aim is produce a natural wearable look and I will be practising with airbrush and general application techniques. There will be colour correction and contouring involved to add shape and definition but again, my aim is to apply this in such a way that it can be worn with confidence during the day and accentuated further for the evening.
    There are many areas I would like to cover and photograph so this would take a good full day or I could split the days if this is more convenient. 
    I reside in north wales, Mold and would ask if you could come to me in the privacy of my home for this.
    Please let me know if you are interested and again, no catches and neither am I looking to gain further bookings.

    Thanks to all xxx jen xxx

      March 9, 2013 7:53 AM GMT