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    • April 23, 2013 6:07 PM BST
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       This is what this site used to be, before the advent of the facebook type home page, full of quickly disappearing comments and likes,  


        Yes the old site Trannyweb was falling apart, the softwarre a mismatch, constantly failing, nobody capable of maintaining it.   But, I think we left a valuable asset behind. the forums,  And some very erudite, honest people drifted away, feeling the forums were being ignored, which is mainly why they were here, many of them did not use the chat room. their interests lay in the vast amount of information, the opinions and exchanges in those forums, they are still here. have a look at this one  thread.   Unfortunately a couple of threads the first couple of posts have somehow got muddled up in the transfer. but read some of this stuff heartrendering,   I wonder how many people this site has helped over the years, how many lives it has helped to save.   The hormone city forum, Run by a fabulous Lucy Diamond,  Excellent posts. advice.   A funny forum, that will cheer you up when your feeling down.   A politics forum yes even trans people have their own political leanings and views on how things are done,


      The variety of opinions, some really well thought out posts by some realy wonderful people.   These threads and posts are here forever. and as things progress and change, new people can comment, make posts, update current ideas, add their opinions and knowledge, but most of all see how things used to be and progressed.  


      During my law studies I have come across some interesting facts, nothing to do with the UK, but invaluable information has been posted in the USA forums, we can all share are thoughts and knowledge for everyone on this site.   Some can learn for others experience, avoiding mistakes some of us made.


      I will endeavour to get the lates thread posts and name of contributor back on the home page, without the ''more'' just the title, I notice when I post a link to the forums some people clcik like, but don't actually visit the forum, lol.



        Cristine Shye Head of forums

      Cristine Jennifer Shye B.acc. BL (GS Admin) Tongue out

      Don't get angry
      when others are talking behind your back... because they're just proving
      that your life is obviously more interesting than theirs.
    • April 24, 2013 10:45 AM BST
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      Hi Cristine 

      I will endeavour to get the latest thread posts and the name of contributor back on the home page.

      If I can make a suggestion without getting my head bitten off, would it be worth looking at other sites that have forums to see how they have set up their forums. I mean as a comparison, I understand there are some shockers but you would be looking for the better ones to emulate.


      Here is a site with an extremely successful membership and forum activity, due in main part to the style and structure of the forum. It is possible to peruse the site and forum without becoming a member or logging in.

      There are  many others sites but I hope you get what I am saying.

       ;(The forums link is in the navigation pane)


      NB: The forum utilises "Community Forum Software powered by Invision Power Services"

      I've seen this software used in several forums on other sites with great effect.




      This post was edited by Former Member at April 24, 2013 10:47 AM BST

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