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Just saying hello. I'm not on a journey, I've derailed.

  • Hi Alice.


    Thanks for taking the time to read and reply.


    Have to admit that im prone to put myself down. Bit of a defence mechanism I suppose. I realise that whatever I might think, I am on some kind of journey, just dont seem to have the map, and someone has removed all the signposts!


    I have dipped my toe into chat a few times and have already talked to some lovely people on here, who have made me feel most welcome. Hopefully the start of some good frienships, who knows, but at least they listened to my somewhat vague ramblings, so couldnt ask for more.


    Maybe see you in there at some stage.



      June 23, 2013 7:19 PM BST
  • Hi Tina

    I think its time to stop belittleing yourself and recognising that we are all on a journey. We just dont really know where it is going most of the time. You are likely to find many friendly people here to chat to and share advice and other interesting stuff. Get into the chatrooms and make yourself at home. There are many shoulders to cry on, but also plenty of things to smile about too. Enjoy.



    <p>Alice</p> <p>"You can be whoever you are in Shangri-la" - Neil Innes </p>
      June 22, 2013 8:22 PM BST
  • Hi all.


    Joined a couple of weeks ago, so thought I would finally get round to saying a proper hello.


    Big thank you first off to those who took the time to welcome me, much appreciated and to those who made me feel at ease in my first foray into the chat room.


    My profile probably need work, but I guess most people feel like that, so will say its a work in progress, but think it gives an idea of who I am.


    Just returning to being Tina again after a long absence. Older if not wiser now. Not always easy dealing with the mental and physical conflicts, but again I know thats not unique. Last time around, very nearly decided to go down the whole hormone/surgery route, but kind of realise now that although I wish and feel I had been born a girl, it was just not meant to be. If I have to co-habit with the him side, so be it. After all he has to work to pay for the clothes, make-up etc, so he has his uses, lol, just his body and bits are a tad annoying!


    Currently starting out from scratch with the wardrobe, one of the major downsides of the dreaded "purge", so again its a work in progress. Have thought about pitching the idea on Dragons Den about a storage/ dressing place for those who like me attempt to burn their bridges, but end up returning once again. Would certainly have saved me a fortune!!


    Well prattling on I suppose so will just say a few bits before letting you get back to the far more interesting past time of watching paint dry. 


    Why am I here? Well, really hope to make some friends, as God its a lonely existence. Advice, support and maybe just the odd shoulder to cry on would be nice. Im realistic about what I am and how I look, so although I have my dreams and hope that there mabe that special person out there, just being part of something will do.


    As I have now gotten another year older, bet you feel like that if your still reading!! have set myself some goals for my new year on planet earth. Drop a dress size (or 2 or 3), go out dressed (never managed that in any incarnation), improve my look and maybe get a make-over, and get some pics.


    Well, thanky you for reading this if you managed to get this far.


    Hope I will get the chance to say hi to some of you, in the future.


    Hugs and kisses.


    Tina xx

      June 17, 2013 8:43 AM BST