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A really good idea

  • I'm not saying this is a bad idea, but you will need to address some issues.


    Many of these homes to help younger kids, are dealing with kids who are minors and were physically or sexually abused by their parents, usually father or step-father, because they were transgendered.  In many cases, they were literally thrown out with little more than the clothes on their back, and left to fend for themselves.  In many cases, all they said was "I wish I could be a girl".


    Older transgenders, especially transsexuals, often plan their transitions, even choosing careers and employers who can suppor them in their transitions.  Some of us had to stay in our birth gender through child-support, and couldn't transition until much later in life.  Since this would be your likely donor pool, they may not be as sympathetic to someone who seems to be the victim of poor planning.


    Are there ways to expand the nature of such a program to something beyond narrow band of providing room and board for people who didn't plan very well?  Could there be a way to leverage the beneficiaries such that they could provide service to a larger community?


    What kinds of training programs did you have in mind?


    You might also want to look for existing programs.  There may be scholarships available for transgender or transsexual students, as well as programs for older adults.  What would they train for?  Some programs like LSW and CSW just require volunteer time.  Put in enough time and you get the experience and OJT that is needed to get the license or certification.

      August 10, 2013 7:28 AM BST
  • Hello Ladies.

    I am going to ask all of you here to help me with a project. As most TG homes in the USA are for young girls only, it is my drive to start a non profit organization that would allow me to help older girls like me, who have lost everything, get back on their feet and help them to get re educated so they can productively re enter the work force. I guess what I need to do is to rally corporate and celebrity support to be able to endow a non profit so I could support several women in transition. Can any of you help me shout this out and see if there is support available?

      August 6, 2013 9:35 PM BST