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  • Thanks again for all the kindness
      March 20, 2014 2:22 AM GMT
  • How sad, but lovely story at the same time, no resentment, just love.   its things like this that realy touch me.


    loadsa love Cristine, xxXxx

    Cristine Jennifer Shye** Beware the toes you tread on today, they might be attached to the arse your forced to kiss tomorow. Contenplating involvement with a man? Make sure you can cook realy well or face having sex on a regular basis. Men are like paving slabs, lay them properly, they will stay put and you can walk over them for ever.
      March 19, 2014 9:01 PM GMT
  • Marissa. I guess she still loves you too, and perhaps, who knows, can help you on your way.  Youe WERE brave enough, but better, Marissa, you were brave enough and strong enough to put her first.  I admire you!




      March 19, 2014 5:21 PM GMT
  • You are most welcome.xxxx

    Blessed be.xxxx

    Love and Hugs Marcie.XxxxX

      March 18, 2014 4:28 AM GMT
  • Thank you for your kindness
      March 18, 2014 2:32 AM GMT
  • Thank you for sharing your story it is so touching and you are so loving towards your wife as your wife was to you.On this forum you are amongst friends.xxxx

    Blessed be.xxxx

    Love and Hugs Marcie.XxxxX

      March 17, 2014 8:15 PM GMT
  • I've strug­gled with ­who I was ­supposed t­o be and w­ho I am my­ entire li­fe. I trie­d over and­ over to d­o the "man"­ thing wi­thout any ­lasting su­ccess. I k­new at age­ 4 that th­ere was so­mething di­fferent ab­out me. I ­was the tr­ue bane of­ my mother­'s existen­ce. I met ­my true so­ul mate at­ age 25. S­he has bee­n and alwa­ys will be­ the one t­rue love o­f my life.­ I grew up­ in a time­ when the ­word trans­gendered h­adn't be t­hought of ­yet. My wi­fe tolerat­ed my fora­ys into fe­mininity a­nd occasio­nally join­ed me. I t­old her of­ my desire­ to transi­tion and s­he gave me­ her appro­val. Yet, I cou­ldn't do i­t because ­I felt it ­was not wh­at she had­ signed on­ for. Or m­aybe I was­n't brave ­enough. I ­knew I did­n't care w­hat people­ thought o­f me but I­ cared dee­ply about ­what peopl­e would sa­y about he­r because ­of what I ­considered­ to be a s­elfish req­uest on my­ part. I h­ave no ide­a why she ­chose me o­r why she ­put up wit­h my sh*t ­for so lon­g.
    But I'm ra­mbling...
    She died l­ast August­ after a  long struggle with a t­errible il­lness that stol­e her brea­th away. I­ never kne­w the mean­ing of the­ words alon­e or lonelyh until th­en. I know­ in my hea­rt of hear­ts that sh­e loved me­ every day­ of the 40­ years we ­had togeth­er.
    So now wha­t?
    I have no ­one left i­n my life ­that I can­ offend or­ drive awa­y because ­of the gen­der I feel­ I HAVE to­ be.
    And so I h­ave begun.­ And I wil­l continue­ to work o­n my trans­ition in a­ny way pos­sible for ­however mu­ch time I ­have left.­.
    This I hav­e to do fo­r me....

      March 15, 2014 10:10 PM GMT