About me :)

  • I used to be interested in gender reassignment. After I first expressed interest in gender reassignment treatmnent options - I started getting the abominable advertisements from my profile picture and the attachments to this post on every website I visit. I bet that when anyone of you visits the Harper's Bazaar website you do not get to look at the same garbage. My mailbox got overcrowded with advertisements like "I want to be recycled", "Fight cancer", at some point these advertisements used to switch more than once per minute (I keep the screenshots with the computer time stamp). The intention was of course "therapeutic" (or should I say commerciial?!) - I was expected to "start hating my own body" and "apply for gender reassignment". As a result of this ugliness campaign I now like only my own, intact, unmutilated body. I only need help stopping the ugliness attacks on me and my friend.

      March 23, 2014 5:16 PM GMT