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  • Topic: Transgender Attack caught on tape in Atlanta

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    • July 4, 2014 1:36 PM BST
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      ATLANTA -- It was an apparent attack that was never reported to police, where the victim didn't come forward. It showed up instead on Vine, which is an internet video site – and it began spreading over the web Wednesday.

      The videos is disturbing and unsettling.

      It's set outside some popular retail shops in Little Five Points. The video appears to show a transgender female angrily shouting at some people outside a skateboard shop on Moreland Avenue. The video then shows a man knocking her to the ground, and stomping on or near her head with his foot.

      "I hope they find the people that did it. I hope that she's okay," said Jo Wilson, a L5P visitor who'd seen the video on social media Wednesday.

      It is the second apparent attack on a transgender woman in Atlanta caught on video in the last six weeks. On May 20, video turned up on an internet site that showed a group of men allegedly attacking two transgender women on a MARTA train. Several days later, police arrested 34-year-old Luther Thomas in connection with the case.

      "I'm sickened that in a matter of weeks, we have another attack on videotape," said Cheryl Courtney-Evans, founder of a transgender advocacy group in Atlanta called Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth, Inc. She says she's horrified that bystanders apparently declined to try to stop either of the two attacks.

      "And then I wonder, how many has happened that we don't know about because it has not been videotaped," said Courtney-Evans.

      An Atlanta police spokesman says in spite of the absence of a 911 call or a complaint by the victim in the L5P case, police launched an investigation Wednesday night into this latest transgender attack. As of Thursday evening they still hadn't identified the victim or made an arrest.


      The video of this assualt has been intentionally omitted.


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    • July 4, 2014 10:54 PM BST
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      I sometimes think that the "men" carrying out these attacks feel threatened by people like us because they know that we have far more individual courage than they will EVER have

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