There is a virus so how can we stop it?

  • September 3, 2014 9:25 PM BST

    There is a virus spreading through out the world and there is no vacine so how can it be stopped?. Well some bright spark in the house of commons must have looked in the electors role book and said "Hey look Julia Ford lives in Ipswich so send the infection there" Why Ipswich? Oh and Norwich was mentioned too which is in my previous county. I do not even know if this should be in polly ticks (I never spelt that wrong) I think lunatics would be more appropriate.

    This is not racist but I for one am getting sick of reading about muslim nutters cutting innocent peoples heads off for fun. It is a virus and it has invaded the world. How does a virus start? It is at the start a mutation that then spreads. How did this virus start then?. Well as 75% of muslims marry their first cousin I guess it is interbreeding out of control. Then there is the fact that the adult male marrys a 12 year old female or even younger sometimes. It is a recipe for disaster , they have most likely not even had their first period , they are pre pubic.

    So with all of these nutcases here in the UK they think Ipswich is the answer. If I were in charge and had anything to do with what to do with them it would be , put them all on an Island and give them guns and let them all kill each other , last one standing gets to blow his own head off. This virus is out of control now , it has invaded virtually every country in the world that has let them in , we have no need to be invaded for war they are here. I personally am sick of it.

    22nd May last year private Lee Rigby was chopped to pieces in the street as people stood by and filmed it with thier phones. I wish I had been there that day  and this is not just talk I would have done all I could have to save him , even if I had died at least he may have got away or a chance , he was just 25 years old. I could never have stood by and watch what was going on that day , the lunatics would have met Julia Ford face to face.

    From a topic Chrissy posted this morning which I deleted my post I would not have feared them , I did say in that that nothing much scares me anymore and its true. Any fears I have are not about me , my fears are for the next generation or current people who have not had a real chance at life. We need to find an answer to this virus and sending them to Ipswich is not it , okay they may have me to deal with but I am not an army but if I ever see one attempting to harm another person then they will see fear , I will scare the sh*t out of them and who will get arrested? Well me of course but at least I can say I fu*king done something and stood up to them.

    There is something very wrong here , a couple of years ago they were standing in my home town centre burning one British flag after another. I asked the police who stood by watching what would you do if I stood here and set fire to their flag? We would arrest you was my answer. I asked why do you let them do it then? I was told to just forget it and leave or we will arrest you if you say anything. How can we stop this as they seem to have diplomatic immunity. I still say put them all on an Island and let them all kill each other before it gets to far and they kill us but make it men only because I am sure the children they marry and then have sex with cannot be happy with what goes on. UK law states it is illegal to have sex with any female under the age of 16 . But they are beyond our laws even though they claim to be British.

    My head hurts now! I wonder why?.

    Julia x

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    September 3, 2014 10:32 PM BST
    Well... it's nice to see you posting something less contentious for a change, Julia.

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    September 4, 2014 8:20 AM BST

    your right the enemy live among us and there ways are slowly taking over ours they are an unstoppable disease .you are right put them all on an island and they will all destroy themselves .but of course when we speak out we are branded racist and threatened with arrest . well written piece julia (as usual) x

  • September 7, 2014 2:42 PM BST

    Very worrying, give them an inch and they take a mile,    This government and the one before, gutless arse kissers.   how long before Christmas is banned to appease these people.   We have seen how some authorities have banned festival street decorations afraid of offending the sensativities of these people.


    They can spout hatred against a nation that supposedly gave them refuge from discrimination and violence.    Claimimg their human rights, not to be sent back to countries where they have comitted outrageous acts of vilolence against inocent people.   We cannot, bar them from re-entering this country, its a vilolation of their human rights, because if they go back they will be subject to the sort of death they have inflicted on other people.    Soon we will be outnumbered, then we will see how OUR human rights will be affected, as trans people we will be first for the proverbial chop.


    The current troubles are not caused by religion, these people are not religous, thats their excuse,  they are nothing but murdering  bandits.

  • September 7, 2014 6:34 PM BST

    Give them an inch and they take a mile! Give them a mile they take the country. Racism does not come into this but going back some months now I was in a shop on a Sunday afternoon.

    The young girl at the checkout asked me if I could hang around for a while , I said yes but why?  There were 9 other people in the shop and not one of them were speaking English. The girl at the checkout said it scares her not knowing what they are saying. I can understand that as they could be thinking and talking about harming her or anything. Anyway as they came to the checkout I asked them "Do you speak English"? They replied yes so I said well why don't you then?. I got no reasonable response so just done as the young girl asked and stayed with her untill they had gone. If you think about it from the young girls point of view it must be scary not knowing what they are saying , they could be innocent but also could be thinking of harming her.


    Where I live they call it a diverse town! I call it over run.

    We do need migrant workers in this country! Ones that save lives as in the medical profession , my life has been saved by them. There is a difference between wanting to be British to contribute towards society rather than destroy it. At this moment there are over 5000 people walking the streets of London with known terrorist links , and they are just the ones they know about. They cannot do anything to rid this country of them untill they do something to give them a reason to arrest them, but then it is to late if people have been harmed or killed.


    Most of them throughout the world are hell bent on killing others and each other. They are sick in the head , and it is just my opinion that it has been caused by interbreeding , unless anyone else has a better reason for humans to be so inhumane.


    Julia x

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    September 8, 2014 11:54 AM BST
    Loved this quote, found in the comments section below an article about countries where atheists face the death penalty:
    "How tentative and insecure does belief really have to be to not only gather in buildings every weekend singing nervously about the existence of god, but also threaten people who simply don't believe with death, imprisonment, and ostracism simply because they won't join the chorus? Nobody huddles in groups singing about the existence of gravity or triangulation. We don't need magic, unchallengable books of alleged divine inspiration to impart algebra. Nobody goes to jail for turning away from chemistry. This should tell us something about the inherent totalitarian roots of belief that ought to be rejected by every free person throughout the world."
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