Shoes for BIG feet

  • Hi,


    Im just over the ditch from you,  and dont have issues with getting shoes im an 11 womens and slightly wider though many of my women friends cant wear my shoes, and they like my self are women,    we can get shoes from... Willow Shoes ...,


    A woman i know who,s from up Auckland way has been down here to Timaru and i met her some years ago and she imports them form over sea,s  they are very nice though a bit dear yet well made and leather,  they have a shop  in Christchurch  , though im not sure where now because of all the earth quakes going on and demo of the buildings,


    When i do come over i go to Tasmania and stay for 6 weeks at a time,


    any way   thought i,d add this ,



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      October 9, 2014 10:36 AM BST
  • Hi Chalice ,


    Well not everyone in Sydney knows but maybe a few more do now including me :P


    Thanks for this info. I will give them a look as I still need more shoes :) Shame more folks don't post in this forum, I'm sure there's more than 3 of us on here in Aus



      October 9, 2014 4:09 AM BST
  • Hi Sarahjane. 


    Everyone in Sydney knows that Long Lines Shoes stock larger sizes.


    Find them @ Parramatta and City 




      October 9, 2014 4:03 AM BST
  • Due to the sparcity of Aussie members that post I'm not sure many will read this but here goes


    I have struggled since arriving in Sydney to find shoes for my larger feet. Part of the trouble is I have wide feet so where a normal womens size 11 would fit for length they simply don't have the width. I ordered some running shoes from Pauls Warehouse online last week and when they arrived I'm pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are. These are a womens size 12. I have to warn that it's not advisable to go to a store at least not the one I went to as the assistant wouldn't look for even an 11 she said "we don't have any that big try a mens size" Anyone want to guess which store sent my size 12?


    There are some branches of Payless Shoes also now stocking 12's as well so I thought we could all post shops that sell larger shoes and share the info with others

      October 9, 2014 3:47 AM BST