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Why do I say always yes?

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  • Hi girls

    The town walk succeeded on friday evening just fine. The group was happy and thanked me many times. A great backing up for me was a former collegue, Pauli, a guy in his thirties. He knows my past, as the only one in the group, and kept on supporting me in the style "as Laura just said...".
    Next thursday I have promised to build up a small exhibition about the coming town plans in the library lobby.
    I just wonder why I set myself again and again in this kind of public situations. Is it that if somebody asks, I´m so happy to be asked that I cannot say no? Or is it that I want to set me through as Laura as fast as possible, and everywhere?
    One ts friend of mine said to´s better to burn than fade. . Guess so.

      August 30, 2004 6:34 AM BST
  • I think both of your reasons hit the nail. On one hand I´m very glad to be asked, because that means acceptance. And on the other hand life really has ANOTHER taste now. I enjoy every minute.

      August 30, 2004 7:24 AM BST
  • I´m not that worried Sandra. I have lived now over 7 months full time and have noticed no permanent change in my mood. Of course I have sometimes dull times, but basicly I´m a happy woman. And that hardly changes. How could you get bored in being yourself?
    The excitement fades, that is clear. But in my case the excitement of passing has faded already, maybe a year ago.
    Now, if somebody watches me "more carefully", I just watch back and give my famous smile.

      August 30, 2004 7:52 AM BST