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CD , TV , TS What is the difference?

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  • That title may to some have an easy answer but to me it means one thing "We are all human beings" . Just in case any member needs reminding most human beings have feelings. I cannot pretend to know what it is like to be a Cross dresser or a Transvestite for the simple reason I am a Transexual woman.

    The following was posted by a member on the home page today as a response to a question.

    "So called Transvestites a very significant number who are actually in realality merely sexual perverts with major issues who masquerade as us and give us girls a reputation we do not deserve"

    I find that statement very disrespectfull to any Transvestites on this website or anywhere. The member who posted it was as usual not showing an image of themself. They also say they are Transsexual.

    Being Transsexual in no way makes us any better than any other member of society. It is by no means easy having Gender Dysphoria but from all of the Trans people I have met I have yet to meet a Transvestite that matches the description above. I have met many very unhappy Transsexuals though. 

    So why is it that Transsexuals are unhappy?. It is because Gender Dysphoria is a condition that is hard to live with but , it can be made so much better by just being yourself.

    My whole life changed when I came out sh*t knows how many years ago. I found happiness because I found myself and where I belong in society. You lot who hide and dare not leave your homes because you cannot handle who you are need to take an effin good look in your mirrors. What you will see is yourself! Only you can change your life. It is not a licence to make statements about others that most likely have more guts than you because they actually "Go out" And enjoy life. We are all equal here on this website and this planet untill you give others cause to think otherwise. I was sickened by that statement more so as it was made in response to a new member.

    Get your own lives in order , then and only then can you make judgements but never ever judge others untill they give you cause to. I have been judged in my life and here on GS by a few mindless idiots and it is not fun having to keep reading such sh*t aimed at others too.

    Julia .

      December 19, 2014 7:47 PM GMT
  • I spose I was a transvestite/cross dresser befor I even knew what was what, six seven years old? it was at the age of 12 that the word transvestite was asociated with the pro-noun pervert, abnormal, sexual deviant,  and the idea was physically enforced.   Gender devience is as varied as humanity initself, in the main harmless to other, its not catching.


    Some of us have a need to progress to be who we are in reality, some just take pleasure a brief respite from trying to  be what society dictates, a form of escapism.   Some are bound by loyalty and ethics, promises made and forgo their need to be who they realy are.   Julia has it right do not judge.   Some transexuals, become so engrossed in themselves they forget where they came from and become elitist.    Some say they knew they were different at a very early age, not that they were potential transexuals, some just achive their dreams later in life.

    Cristine Jennifer Shye.  B/L.  B/Acc
      January 3, 2015 5:14 PM GMT
  • Thanks for your response Crissie. I guess we all start out cross dressing , I did because I had no choice. Just as we all did at a young age we had to try to get our heads around what was actually wrong with the way we thought at that age. I knew I was different and back then there was no internet to help me find answers.


    The new member never did return , she asked one question and she got the response in my first post stated above from another member , with a few added responses from yet another member whom also said they were transsexual . I did make Katie aware of the post but it stayed there. I was not allowed to respond as I was warned not to respond to the member as you well know.


    Its good to see you back but I need a break from here so I will see you soon. I may do as Katie suggested and learn some people skills whilst I am goneSmile. I wonder if the person who made the post was told the same? . Of course not their name was not Julia Ford  , silly meSmile.


    Take care and look after yourself.


    See you soon , love , Julia xxx


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  • Hi Julia and Cristine. I'm actually replying to a forum thread as I FINALLY just now figured out my settings have been not compatible with this site. Ever since the upgrade I clicked on forum reply and could not write in the reply box.. talk about frustating sigh. I'm sort of elated I can participate again and I'm sorry I have not been but it really was beyond me what was going on. Anyways I finally figured it out..


    As far as the pervert comment towards transvestites. Those type labels really sicken me and I find it VERY disrespectful and lacking in compasion towards those of us(yes CD's/TV's and ARE part of the TG community). That word has been used towards trans people for too long and I find it is a reason so many TG's can wind up hating themselves. Humans are sexual creatures (we all have varying degrees as to how much sex drives us but is part of the living condition) Not all transvestites do it for sexual reasons anyways but some do . Some transsexuals also can say they had some of their foundations rooted in certain sexual desires too but it is soooo much more than that and to cast them all as perverts is mean and hurtful. I personally don't even like the word, it is word like nigger that blanketly is used to devalue a persons life and leave no room for rebuttal. Using derogatory words like these is a typical hate speech tactic used by racists and bigots. Also what if an element of sexuality is ingrained in dressing. Of all the philias possible out there being a cd/tv is completely harmless. As a human you are entitled to enjoy your sexuality as long as you are not harming people. We all have a plethora of issues too lol. Anyone who claims they don't have some type issue they deal with in life is not telling the truth. So.. girls .. relax you are not perverts.. embrace it , have fun, it can be a spice of life actually with only positive outcomes if enjoyed in a healthy manner.

    Jessica Nova
      January 3, 2015 10:25 PM GMT
  • Thank you for your response Jessica. And just to let you know the image of you I see is a beautiful woman. I can only think of you that way because that is what I see.

    Whether you spend your life as one makes no difference to me because you care and that is what matters. Being human is normal because we are human. When humans start to act like out of control animals then that changes.


    Take care girl , Julia xxxx

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      January 4, 2015 5:31 PM GMT
  • Thanks Julia Hug. I don't wear makeup all the time and I don't have the money for a full new wardrobe yet so have not been able to throw out all my male clothes out of necessity I will still wear them. I am slowly buying womens clothes and replacing my wardrobe. I am always striving to make her come forth.  


    I'd also like to add, in defense of whichever girl said that here. She perhaps had read this somewhere and allowed it to convince her it was true without her being too truly malicious. It is a sinister trap layed out there to destroy cds/tvs self esteem...and ensnare people who read info on the web about being trans and a cd. This word has a bad history with the whole LGBT community. The SM/BD communities too... Sexual issues bring embaressment and when people are publically decried as perverts it creates fear and mental shutdown as no one wants to be labeled as a freak by others. (Which is sooo stupid of us humans but anyways). The word pervert has the power to create mind control of the masses.  It has very negative connontaions obviously. I think it's much better to be sensitive and never use it as so many haters have embraced it. Either that or create a movement where we take the word back and make jest of it and al become proud PERVERTS lol :D but really the word how it is currently being used is soo hurtful.

    Jessica Nova
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  • Often things are said out of ignorance. Sometimes people are not rounded or even wise enough to see someone else’s perspective (I’m not getting drawn into education or social standing either).  To me the comments reflect more on the assailants’ state of mind than the lifestyle of the target. 


    It seams that it’s acceptable to knock and belittle but very difficult for many to praise, reward, even take time out to understand.  What’s in a title? For many of us life is just one series of knock backs but as sure as one-day follows another, to survive, one shakes off the dust and moves on.


    The term transvestite or transsexual seeks out a discreet definition but that can’t be the case. It’s varying shades of grey, surely. One can start out as a transvestite (as I am sure many of us have); subsequently define themselves as transsexual (through knowledge, life experiences and even medical findings) but not transition. Such a person may hold the family life they have built up in a higher regard or have allegiances and commitments, which they hold dear –even to the sake of not transitioning.  Every story is different. Don’t judge or even comment until you know all the facts! Premature interjection can be an embarrassing illness.


    I think one only has to stand back and look at all the atrocities that have hit the news headlines in the past few years to know that transvestitism isn’t an issue but a soft target.  


    For any new member, be wise and look around.  (s)he who shouts first or the loudest isn’t always right or the voice of many.  Have strength in your own beliefs, feelings and path, there are more people out there than you think, in similar positions – though I feel are often a silent voice. 

      January 5, 2015 1:33 AM GMT