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Book of Condolence for Leelah Alcorn.

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  • Please add you thoughts. They could be a few lines or even a poem , just say how you feel. I am going to have to put my beliefs aside here. I have no belief in any God but I will respect your beliefs.

    From Julia Ford.

    Leelah you did not deserve this , you had your whole life ahead of you and it was cut short by pure ignorance. What your parents done to drive you taking your life is not Christian! They are not Christian.

    If lessons cannot be learnt from pain you suffered now then they never will be.

    I wish I could have been there , not only to stop you but also to show you people do understand and care. You were alone though and there is no changing that. You are now one of the most talked about people on this planet but for all of the wrong reasons. The love that has been shown now is far to late but it is here.

    You are at peace now you sweet young soul. I wish I had known you just to show you life can be good.

    Sleep well xxxCryCryCryxxx

    Julia xx

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  • I am sorry for a world of ignorance and the lack of communication dear Leelah. At a critical moment, I nor any other sister could be there though all of us wish we could. We would listen, we would find ways to help. I am sorry your life became a tragedy and not a journey. I hope your life is thought of and reflected upon by many in times to come to find a way to remove many of the blinders the ignorant wear, to remove the fingers from their ears and to listen with not only their minds but their hearts. May you be at peace and may your life be a message to others.  
      January 8, 2015 7:59 PM GMT
  • Leelah, Oh Leelah – how I wish you could have grown
    You were the seed of a flower, the embryo of what could have been
    Destroyed at such an early hour, probably the first hour of your blossoming, killed
    By the pesticide of ignorance.

    We cannot begin to understand what you might have been,
    We can only imagine how that seed might have blossomed,
    But we do know this – your truth still is with us,
    To strengthen us, and drive us and confirm to us
    That we are real.

    Your pain was never ours. Except for a few.
    Like so many people in your situation
    We can just imagine the hurt – but know this
    You have become guiding star of courage
    What you did – you did alone
    But you will never be alone again.
    Sleep tight! 

      January 8, 2015 8:13 PM GMT
  • 95

    We wil never know what magic you may have brought into this life; go easy Leelah

      January 11, 2015 5:06 PM GMT
  • I have replaced this with just one of the many news story's



    Julia Ford.

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  • It is not an exact metaphor, but close.  Just listen to the last lines of Don MacLeans "Vincent" aka Starry Starry Night

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