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Is there such a thing as LGBT friendy churches?

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  • This has been bugging me for a few reasons recently. So is there such a thing?. I do not want to go to one I would rather eat the grass off the lawn but , some seem to think they exist. Why did I just say that?. Because I do not believe they do! They are there but for what reason?. My guess is they want your money , I mean you have an illness don't you?. If you are Lesbian or bi sexual - Gay or Transgender they say you are ill and you can be cured.

    So it has to be a money making game. Take Amy Hepker as just one example to start. Amy says God will sort things out for her but , God hasn't. She says there are LGBT friendly churches near her but do they help? . Well she can go there and pray! That is it , nothing else. I wonder why that is?. Another guess is she has no money. So that is how friendly they are to Amy , we cannot help you find shelter or even give you shelter , you cannot even park your car on the church car park but there is a store down the road where you can.

    Now more recent there is Leelah Alcorn. She ended her life aged just 17 because they tried to cure her illness of being Transgender. Leelah's parents , the ones who pushed her to suicide are so called Christians and they tried to cure her! I bet they paid a fair few Dollars out to do it too. Leelah's only cure of her parent's ignorance of her so called illness was suicide. I have had forum topics locked in the past over religion but I want this one to stay open. I will not disrespect your beliefs as long as you respect my own that I have no belief in any God.

    I mean when I was born I was born into a Catholic family. I was packed off to Church every Sunday to go and pray. I must have miss heard I went to the park to play , silly me. I went to a Catholic school untill I was 12 years old and raped by one of my male teachers. After he had done what he did he banged me round the head and told "ME" to go and pray for "MY" sins. I stopped believing in any God way before then though , the abuse I suffered there started well before then , the rape was the end of it. I would like to know why any of you support an organisation that basically hates you! You see I find it hard to figure out.

    Take care , Julia x

      January 10, 2015 7:42 PM GMT
  • My story is little different to Julia's, and I have never told a living soul these events before. i went to a religious preparatory school, and could not get my head around religious beliefs. However, i have always defended and respected peoples right to faith- even though they don't generally respect my beliefs. One of my friends at University married a 'goyam', or christian. His family in Leeds totally disowned him and held his funeral ( with a pre-prepared headstone ) in their local cemetry the same day that he married. I refused a Bar Mitzva and broke my grandmother's heart- never visiting a Schule except for her funeral, when my cousins were made aware of my existance!

    As to school, I was sexually assaulted by the German master- his grooming centred on the fact that German was one of my three maternal languages. My abuse continued in one form or another until my rape by a devout Irish-catholic family General Medical Practitioner- trusted totally by all his following, including my parents, like Julia at the age of 12.

    What if I had turned to any Church for help- I have never met the good Samaritan, and they all seem to walk by. It is hard enough for children to be believed in this 'enlightened environment- never mind the Jimmy Saville/cyril smith and cronies epoque. There is a church in the Chorlton area of Manchester which flags up LBGT friendly services; but, i am never likely to be a visitor and able to judge their imput.

    the Churches should join with Putin; and, thus fortified, push for us to be dis-enfrachised and prevented from driving, etc. But, as was pointed out by a famous German philosopher who was eliminated by the Nazis,   "First they came for the Jews and we turned our heads.. ditto gypies...ditto communists...ditto intellectuals...etc...etc...etc; and then they came for us!"

    I don't wish themfuture luck in their Ivory-towered churches for the 'select', they will have brought it on themselves.

      January 10, 2015 8:22 PM GMT
  • I just tried to find out how much the Church of England is worth , it is hard work. According to the Economist it has assets of 4.4 billion GBP in the UK but that was in 2008. It is given by the public about 100 milion GBP per year so there not what you call skint.

    As for the Catholic Church! No one knows. They have payed out 3.3 Billion Dollars in the USA alone over the past 15 years in settlements for the rape and molestation of children by members of the Church. Nice bunch of people are they not? Yes not.

    I don't think they need us ill people they seem to be doing okay all by themselves.

      January 10, 2015 10:07 PM GMT