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How can the best trans site be made better?

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  • I consider this website to be the best trans website there is so how can it be made better?. In a recent forum post a member said full membership is to expensive. I believe that less than a Dollar a week is good value for what is here. One thing that does bug me though is the number of new members that join here weekly never to be seen again.

    There could be many reasons for that. They may have thought this website is like other ones , you know the ones that are full of sexual content.

    What makes GS unique is its lack of sexual content though. So about 30 or even 50 new members per week fall down a big black hole never to be seen again. It is rare that they stay.

    GS is like a big family! Not huge but in family terms it is big . The heart of this website is its forums in the input into them by its members. All over the forums you will see the words Former Member! That includes myself. Sometimes I look back 5 or 6 years and think did I really say that? . Yep I did , and I have not changed much. With me you get what you get. I do have this websites interest at heart though. I want to see it grow and thrive but that takes money.

    We have a hardcore group here who help to keep this place going but that is all it is doing "Going" . We need to pull together to make it better not just ticking over.

    I know if I suggested that basic membership should cost a small fee I would not be popular! But hey who cares? I am not Miss popular anyway. I am not here to be popular! I am here because I live in hope one day people will understand I am on their side (well most). So to make myself even more popular (not) I think 5 Dollars to enter here for basic membership is not to much to ask.

    If you all think about it this is what would happen. Someone decides to join GS , then they see that is 5 Dollars please to gain entry! No more 30 to 50 new members per week falling into that big GS black hole , it must be a big hole. It would also cut out spam by asking for a small charge. There are a few advantages to it really. No more multi accounts , also a way to keep piss takers out! Not many want to pay to take the piss do they?.

    Every day I see images of members that are being liked by other members! Who are those members being liked? Most are in that big black hole where they fell years ago. Katie is going to have to buy a new hole soon because it must be getting full now.

    So the only ones that can make this website better is us. Katie needs the financial support too though! Good things in life do not come for free. We have amazing people here who give up their time and they do it for the members here. They could walk away and say sod you lot and just go but , they don't. They do it because they care (and to put up with meSmile). Seriously they do care about you and this website.

    So I conclude! Only we can make the best website better so get you butt in gear and start posting. If you need help then ask for it in the forums. If you need advice then ask but do not take it as a done thing , use it as a guide but do not follow it to the letter , we are all different. There is a mine of information here and members who have been there and done it and are still here for you.

    Take care , Julia xxx

      January 12, 2015 9:55 PM GMT
  • Whilst I agree with most of the post I am left wondering.


    People largely pay for things they either support (which is more like a charity) or for what is perceived to yield a greater value than the sum given.  Quantity does not necessarily translate to quality and therefore if it’s content, it’s the quality of content not mere forum postings (for which some people may perceive to them be irrelevant, futile or inert)


    Any commercial business has to know its customers (users) and their needs.  I think it’s just as important to understand why so many log and leave before one suggests a fee.  Ones’ perception as to value for money is very subjective. However, the driver has to be in the business model and the direction.


    Something that is offered for free often lacks respect.  Add a subscription and there is now a conscious engagement but also a demand for a higher return.


    The ones that come and go may do so out of a need not catered by GS.  No bad thing.  Some may join the site to be part of a community, to understand more about themselves, or just to not feel alone because they are confined to how far they can go (a bit like me).  Some are shy, don’t know how to strike up a conversation and “liking” someone may be their way of making an innocuous introduction hoping the other would take the initiative and strike up a conversation.


    Not everyone is forthcoming, articulate or able to hold a conversation. Being a TV or TS doesn’t mean you’re necessarily blessed with grey-matter or social decorum – everyone is different with different needs and outlooks. This is not a site bound by one geographical location or cultural perspective which adds to the difficulty in homologizing an offering.


    Therefore back to the business model- what are we trying to achieve?  Are we a forum base, a lively chat community, a resource center for the inexperienced or the “old hands”, a social focal point with external events or seeking a political voice. I’m not advocating any,  but merely seek to provoke a direction.


    Again from a revenue perspective – advertisers are willing to spend where they see a direct return.  From my experience users of these sites rarely promote local businesses supporting us, or businesses they use or share our experiences about them. OK, forums and chat would work, but it needs to be up to date and relevant.


    By all means charge a fee, but that does not mean the offering has improved. Build relationships with business, promote a community and establish a belonging and one may pay to be part of that.


    I’m one for simple, clean, concise designs, which one can flip in and out of  - not having to try and find my way around.  So, why not give your feedback to what you want to see, and are prepared to pay for (or not).  Support the site and make it better – it’s easy to sit back and let others do all the hard work and when they lose the enthusiasm and the “will or means” to continue it all just fades away…….. then who loses out?


    TTFN, Chris

      January 13, 2015 12:43 AM GMT
  • Chris, your comments are excellent...very well stated!

    As a long time member, I can say that I have been able to learn about things that I did not know when I first began.  I have also met a few of the members face to face as well.  I do like the various channels within such as chat, forums, and even the news feed.  My biggest complaint though is the FB-like news feed dominating the home page.  Far too many nuggets of info appear briefly only to vanish into cyber space shortly thereafter.  My preference would be a Forum based home page with perhaps a sidebar of news feed posts that would pop up if clicked on while not losing the forum page.  Also would really like to see who is in chat before I log into it...there are some girls I truly enjoy hanging out with and to pop in only to find a couple I'm not friends with and then walk away appears rude, and I would rather not create the image of being that way.  My comments are rude enough!  (smile)

    As for paying to join, good luck with that...perhaps a fee ought to be charged if a person logs in a determined amount of times.  But charging up front will only discourage the majority from joining until they at least figure out if there is any value for themselves.  Providing free access intially will at least give others the chance to sort that out.

    And the site ought not become a "beauty contest" or "popularity contest" in terms of whether you like someone or not...but I guess we're all in here for different reasons and I'm certain there is an element of "competing" for acceptance by others based on how pretty a picture you can snap of yourself!  I "like" others based on their spirit, their character, their thoughtfulness, and brains!  I'm wayyyyy past the vanity aspect of transitioning, hence my dislike for the prominence of the news feed...

    These are just my thoughts...look forward to hearing from others on theirs!

    Special thnx goes out to Katie and all the regular contributors for making this site what it is!

    Traci xoxo

      January 13, 2015 6:37 PM GMT
  • There needs to be a way to make this website more than it is. If it does not happen it will die. I still say a few Dollars or GBP to open an account here is not to much to ask.

    The forums can be accessed by outsiders , the home page is about 80% visible to outsiders. There are only a few things I have not yet been able to access without logging in , one of those is videos but images are all visible. This is the internet there is no hiding place. As far as I am aware anyone can join this website! A 12 year old can. Having to make a small payment would stop that. I would like to see a part of GS dedicated to under age members though that are in need of genuine help.


    A charge of 5 Dollars would create a revenue of 500 dollars per 100 new members. The number of new members would drop but , the ones that really want to be here would be more likely to stay. The new home page is what is killing this website. Katie tried to make this place up to date but it was more active back in Tweb days (remember them?). The new look was a shot in the foot , it is the centre of attention here now. It is mostly boring and at times borders on child like. A few people ask questions that can be Googled in seconds.

    When a new forum topic is posted members respond on that page! That page is for trivia not to respond to forum topics.

    I have already suggested something along the lines of what Traci has said. I suggested the home page be split into two.. One side for serious items and the other for the trivia. As it is made up of mostly trivia then that will be pushed away within hours. The important things would stay longer because the trivia is what the page is mainly made up of.

    If members think that what they post on the home page is not visible to the world then they need a reality check.


    Take care , Julia xx

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      January 13, 2015 11:09 PM GMT
  • Another *like*, but I still think we ought to enable a limited amount of free views in order to allow newbies to acclimate themselves to the site resources, then decide if there is value in here for them.  I personally would never pay for something I have not looked at, touched, etc.  It reeks too much of the US politician Nancy "Brain Dead" Pelosi's comment about passing "ObamaCare" and that was "if you want to know what's in the bill, then you must pass the bill first"!  WTF!!!  (grin)


      January 13, 2015 11:21 PM GMT
  • Traci my darling TraciWink. I have already pointed out that there is no need to join this website to access its features. The only thing a non member cannot do is post or interact with others here. It can be viewed and is being viewed by non members , just look at the guests online. So if that is not a taster then what is?.


    Take care , Julia xxx

      January 13, 2015 11:39 PM GMT
  • Restriction of content to minors has to be taken seriously and is a very good point Julia, one that I overlooked or wasn’t thinking along those lines.


    To accommodate both views : Require the registration of a card but allow a 30 day free trial (cancel in the trial period and the card is not charged).  If like what you see, do nothing and then your card will then be charged accordingly.  You then have to be seriously interested to know more or have access to a credit / debit card.


    I’m not old enough to remember the Tweb days….I think I am, but I don’t think I stumbled across the site in those times. Yeah, clean the home page and I would lose the banners… I know they could be revenue generating but most banners are on a click through commission basis rather than a proper paid advertisement. Only have fee paying banners on key pages, all others go to a sponsors page or resources page, thus cleaning up the site and driving revenue generation for re-investment.


    I also agree that there should be a way of seeing who is in “chat”. I’d never go into a bar unless I could see who or what was inside through the door or window, why should this be different?  Unless, you like blind dates ( and I am not advocating that it’s a dating tool either).


    I like to find geographical content.  I like to know who’s in travelling distance and local resources. I now sound like I’m looking for a yellow pages or should I say TPage. But that’s just me.


    My original point was that someone who found a great hairdresser, who went above and beyond, should let other members know.  New joiners to the site may find this of use, especially if unsure, i.e. another resource. Drawing attention to these businesses may drive additional trade from members of the site. Businesses owners knowing the impact of positive word may then be encouraged to pay to advertise. Win, win scenario.


    Interestingly, how many members are self-employed, or provide a service that we all could use?  I don’t just mean hairdressing but plumbing, electrical, accountancy, IT, programming, legals or financial advice….why don’t we support each other and point each other in a helpful direction?  One can still be in the “closet” and make a difference.


    One thing is for sure…I do agree the homepage needs a magic zap!!

      January 13, 2015 11:56 PM GMT