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Femme vs male persona

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  • Hi everyone
    I have always maintained that I am fundamentally the same person en femme as I am in male mode.
    However when out dancing at a party this weekend I realised that I love dancing when in female mode, but it does NOTHING for me as a male.
    Very strange.
    I have blogged about it in more detail ( if you want to read the whole story), I wonder if anyone else has this experience and what you feel about it.
      March 4, 2015 1:32 PM GMT
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    Hiya Daniella,

                        I have  always liked Dance music , and read your blog with interest .which got me thinking.The best I FEEL is now, as Hormones have changed my body balance and disposition .I have and feel a HIP sway, when I listen to Music,it feels natural

    IN previous times [pre transition]This movement and feeling where not accesible [ angst and unease got in the way.i remember in my teens and early twenties a few people commented and siad I was a good Dance,butr that I appeared lost in the Music, and not dancing like the other GUYS[in a preditory fashion].

     Nowadays I always have some music on when I can , and find that my posture as much as anything else has changed and become more relaxed and moveable[ less rigid , top heavy].

    in short -shoulders back,Arms looseand free palms facing[ready to carry,hug  not to box grab or snatch].head is now up not down 

    -breating from your stomach, not your Chest,relaxed not tense upper body

    -get that lumbar spine curve , so it follows Booty now in the right position 

    - so now you are in Female Dance mode, having removed all the top heavy rigid posturing bits, and a lovely moveable centre of motion in your waist to sway.

    At this point I am just going to show my age , as I disappear to ABBA GOLD   ..Donna

      March 4, 2015 2:25 PM GMT
  • Hi Donna
    Thanks, that is an interesting perspective.
    I am still thinking this through...
      March 5, 2015 9:37 PM GMT
  • Hi Daniella-


    I have from the very beginning loved to dance. In retrospect, I believe that it was always my female inner core screaming for joy when I danced. All of the girls wanted to dance with me because my steps were artistic and enjoyable.  In recent years, I have started going out as Jacqueline to dance parties.  I must say that the joy of this experience has exceeded all expectations. I am even more female when I dance. I love to move my body and show my curve to myself and others, and I just enjoy over the top the feeling of movement and freedom.


    If I could sing with a very female voice, everything would be complete.



      March 7, 2015 8:39 PM GMT