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This is what care means.

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  • Care is caring about other people it is what this website used to be more about. Sharing our experiences and helping others who need support. Lately there seems to be people coming here whom only care about one thing "Themselves". That is not care it is selfishness.

    There are so many good caring people here and far to many now gone.

    At times it is hard to figure out who is genuine but it does not take long to work it out.

    One day this place may just figure out who is here to take and who is here to give. The feeling of giving is like no other feeling I know of. As an adult I have no idea what it is like to take and that includes take advantage. As a child I had no choice but to take and that includes food because my Mother did not feed me. I also took more than my fair share of beatings.

    My life has changed now and I hope all of yours can change to the way you want it to be just as mine has. Just one thing though! Never ever forget the people and friends that helped and supported you. Others will follow you and they will need help and support and you can show you care too , it really is very rewarding.

    You all take care and take care of each other.


      March 15, 2015 7:18 PM GMT
  • Actually to me, a friend is someone who does things for others never expecting anything in return!  Here in the USA, and it might be all throughout the world, there is a saying called "pay it forward"!  Here's the definition from "WIKI"...

    "Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor."  A lot of good things have been done for me in my life helping to get to where I am today by some wonderful people!

    I try to live by this daily belieivng that by trying to make at least one person's day better each and every day, I can demonstrate to society that we (transexuals) and me are productive, caring, loving people capable of contriibuting in a positive manner to the world around us.  It really makes it difficult for others to hate us and it has truly opened a lot of new doors for me...the acts can be as simple as raking a neighbor's leaves, taking an elderly person to a medical appoinment, or picking up items at the grocery store for another.  It does make their life easier and it does make you feel really, really good inside to know this! (smile)

    Imagine if everyone on the planet did this and how quickly all the hate would turn to love?  Maybe, like John Lennoin, I'm a dreamer???  Why not?  

    Traci xoxo

      March 16, 2015 2:18 AM GMT
  • In spite of a lot of evidence to the contrary, there are a great many caring people in the world who do put others first. They won't be rich, ever, as they are too unselfish to seek materiel gains for themselves, but they will always have people around them who are glad that they are there, even if they don't always say so.


    It's very easy to be nice to someone, and it will alter their perceptions of you. It costs nothing, and everybody benefits, so go on, make a difference!  


    Don't wait for the world to change, go and change it yourself. 

    Every woman is beautiful, some show it with their faces, others show it with their hearts.
      March 16, 2015 5:04 PM GMT
  • Yup!!!  (smile)


      March 17, 2015 3:11 AM GMT
  • I started this topic about care. Care comes in all forms and to me that includes caring about this website. I am not staying here to watch this unique place nail it's own lid on it's own coffin. I have taken away my financial support from a place that needs cash to keep going. I have had to do that as a matter of principle. I could very easily give this website £1,000 right now but al I would be doing is making this place better for the wrong people coming here and not parting with one Cent towards it's running costs knowing that they can pay.

    I cannot stay here as a basic member again out of principle because I expect nothing for free in this world that is well worth paying for.


    I am now going to the exit.

      March 17, 2015 9:32 AM GMT