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Pictures of you online.

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  • Do  you post pictures of yourself on the internet?


    There is so many ways of doing it now but DO YOU?


    I dont personally.


    My reasons: I dont like the idea of some perv getting his rocks off over me (As we all know theres some people that do that),

    I dont feel its nessecery as im not looking for compliments or critisism,

    In my own personally circumstances im stelth and as far as people who i interact with on a daily basis know me as me, Rach the girl next door etc. so dont need or wish them to know i was anything previously.


    I was going to post pictures on here but feel that anyone just by registering could view them. Yes i know theres a full members gallery but im talking about your basic profile picture.


    Plus and formost im a very private person. Life has made me that way.


    So your feelings on this?




    Boy or Girl? Who cares as long as im beautiful.
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  • This would be a very boring website if members never posted "Genuine" Images of themselves. It is your choice to go stealth as it is many others but think about this. If we all done it how would the general public of this world ever understand that for most of us this is not a game?.


    As for the pervs that rock off most of them hide behind images of objects or whatever. If I see an image of a bunch of flowers ect then I have to think that "Could be" A big fat dirty old man with yesterdays lunch stains still on their clothes.


    I like everyone to know my past as it helps them understand. I could very easily deny my past but so many people I meet daily learn from me. They learn that I am just the same as the next woman. I am no oil painting but most people have no idea I was born in a male body untill I tell them , and I do tell them.


    I have been asked to give a presentation next week and I asked why me?. Because you are able to stand and talk in front of people Julia was the answer. I just said you mean I talk to much then. I have agreed to do it and if there are any people there that do not know about me then it will be the first thing I will say.


    Hi all for any of you that do not know me my name is Julia and I want you to know "I was born in a male body". I will spend about one minute explaining why I need them to know that "To say I am normal" . Then I will move on to the presentation. I know at the end of it I will have gained more respect from those people than if I had just started with Hi my name is Julia and said nothing about my past.


    To me denying my past is denying the now younger and future generations of acceptance. I am accepted for who I am not what I was born as. It raises awareness and I know that others that come behind me or even now or the future will have a much easier life because thousands of people have listened to those words coming out of my mouth.


    In a nut shell I have no shame and I like it that way. We can all make a choice to allow others to learn from us or just make life harder for those that need that little extra piece of confidence they need. I chose to do it my way and you and others chose to do it yours. The only difference is my way is my choice to help others because I know it is not an easy ride.


    Take care .


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  • So take that as a yes you do then Julia?


    You think im playing a game? Hide and seek perhaps?




    Thats your progotive.


    As far as my status is concerned im lving a peaceful and happy life the way i am. I get to help people on there road and i have helped many since being here. but i dont see how having a picture of myself online would aid this.


    we define ourselves according to the world's perception of us


    I want the world to define me as a woman and not a Trans girl.

    Thats my progative


    The original question was do you post pictures of yourself on the internet

    Boy or Girl? Who cares as long as im beautiful.
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  • Well Racheal that is an image of me and this is the internet so it is a yes. You failed to notice the words "Could be". You see I have in the past found out who really is behind the image and believe me they were not who they said they were.


    A lot of people join trans sites telling all kinds of stories and to them yes it is a game. My life has been no game and I did not say yours was. If you wish to hide that is as you said to me "Your prerogative" . This is not a beauty contest here. I am a woman and accepted as one and me being defined as a trans woman is fine by me. As I said others learn from me and all I can see and do see is good coming from that. It is good for others and they see I am normal therefore changing others perceptions of what a trans woman is.


    I lead a very good happy life with people knowing about me and have gained a lot of friends for being open and honest and I just blend in with them. They ask me questions they would not have known the real answers to if they had never met me. They all know now that my life is not a life style choice. They know what I have had to go through or just parts of it. Some apologise for others ignorance in the past (my past). I have to say to them it is not your fault just the same as it is not my fault I was born this way and millions of others too. We do not ask for it as it is just one of those things that happens with genetics.


    Answer to the question again , yes I do post images of myself. It is me on the left hand side . I am 57 years old and I will continue to let the world see me and know about me as the years are ticking by. Tomorrow I will be spending the afternoon in a shopping centre with a bunch of genetic born females and they will treat me as one of them because they know I am one of them.


    Take care.


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  • Yeah, Julia.  I know.  I could well be that " big fat dirty old man with yesterdays lunch stains still on their clothes."


    I try not to be, but (a) I am on the weight  loss track,  (b) I'm not dirty, because Cat insists I shower at least once a month! and finally, what is a spot of curry sauce between friends?


    Do I still get a hug?


    XXXX Amanda.




      March 21, 2015 6:30 PM GMT
  • Okay I know this is off topic but I want to put a different perspective on this. I mentioned genetics. Humans have genetic faults and I am one of them. If a man or woman is born with missing limbs that too is a genetic fault. So does a man or a woman born with no legs go around saying they have legs?. Imagine what would happen if the whole world went into denial.

    Example: That man over there with no legs keeps saying he has legs. He would get labeled as a fool. People would say "Okay get up and walk then" . I will never deny my past to anyone as in my opinion it teaches people and the more that learn the better for others. Back to topic now anyone.


    Take care .

      March 21, 2015 6:38 PM GMT
  • Yes Amanda you can have a big virtual hug xxxxxxSmile

      March 21, 2015 6:39 PM GMT
  • I'm in a slightly different area. I am not even slightly interested in transitioning or any of that stuff. I just find dressing and looking as convincing as possible is fun and extremely relaxing when you have a high pressure job. Which I do. Posting pictures with a chance of being identified is terrifying as a prospect. I'm glad others are willing and eager to reduce the stigma by being public and out there but I'm afraid anonymous is the way for me.and probably always will be.
      March 22, 2015 9:42 AM GMT
  • Kerry I presume your image is of you. Okay it is not showing your face but it is far better than some stupid image of an inaminate object.

    There may come a point in your life when you do wish to venture out and if that ever happens to you or others then the public need to be aware. They need to be aware it is your right to identify as a female if you wish. I cannot change the world alone but I do change others atitudes in my home Town and County. So in a few days time when I stand in front of other business women (and there will be business men there too) they will see and here just another business woman "Me" .

    I bet there will be some in that audience that are just like you. There could even be someone who wants to transition but has no idea of how to do it or no courage to do it. They can then come and talk to me and I will point them in the right direction.

    Someone here last week accused me of being beautiful (not going there). I will say again this is not a beauty contest here and if it was I would be stuffed.

    We are here to learn and here to help others in which ever way we can. The ones that deny who they are very rarely help anyone but themselves. It is commonly known as being selfish.


    Take care .

      March 22, 2015 10:41 AM GMT
  • Couldn't disagree more with your last statement. I'm not secretive for my own sake but for the potential impact on my family and employment. Even the employment is due to its impact on family.
      March 22, 2015 11:02 AM GMT
  • Kerry Michaels said:
    Couldn't disagree more with your last statement. I'm not secretive for my own sake but for the potential impact on my family and employment. Even the employment is due to its impact on family.
      March 22, 2015 3:58 PM GMT
  • Kerry you can disagree with me as much as you wish as you are entitled to your opinion as we all are. When any person suffers the hate others and myself have had to just to be ourselves it becomes more personal. Some people in this world thought that I was a lesser human being than they were. Others and myself have had to endure things some can only imagine and many more will.


    If I turn my back on others just because I stood up for myself and finally gained acceptance then to me that would make me a lesser human being. I am not willing to do that.


    For every 300 people that stand in front of me there will be 9 people or more that are Transgender in some way. The average is over 3 in 100. You are not alone and I am not either the statistics tell you that. It is my opinion that "None" of those people should ever feel alone.

    Yesterday today or tomorrow a Transgender person will end their own life. Yes one every 3 days and that is just here in the UK. You try to find those statistics! You won't because they are hidden. Also most of them will not reach their 19th BirthdayCry.


    If that is not a good enough reason for others and myself to do all we can to make others understand then there will never be one.

    I respect your reasons for being secretive but one day the secret may come out. It happens a lot and when it does happen the first thing that person seeks is understanding. I hope I have made my point as to why others and myself need to do all we can to make things better even if it is just a tiny amount in a very big world.


    The moral to this is the ones that tried to make me feel like a lesser human being than them is "They are the lesser ones" . I found stengths inside of me I never knew I had. I did not allow them to beat me because females are the stronger sex.

    My fight for acceptance is long over but there are many more that need a reason for living. A reason for living a life of freedom to be themselves.


    Take care.

      March 22, 2015 4:32 PM GMT
  • I just need to add to this. I do know a couple of members here who do not show their faces. One is a very good friend of mine but I know that person and the reason. It is not the reason that this topic is about though. I know she is not some strange person that has come here to pretend to be someone she is not.

      March 22, 2015 4:53 PM GMT
  • Just saying my reasons aren't selfish. Not saying I'm an example to the whole TG community. I most definitely am not.
      March 22, 2015 5:41 PM GMT
  • Kerry I did not say you were selfish! Allow me to explain. When a Trans woman goes into stealth they go into denial. They deny their past and what I have been saying is it helps No one but themselves. That is where selfishness comes into this. The member that started this topic says they are in stealth you did not so that does not make you selfish. It "May not" make the other member selfish but in most cases it does.


    They turn their backs on others that need help and support and it is those ones that have the experience to be able to offer that help and support but do not.

    We need more role models not people who hide behind inanimate objects just saying words and to ashamed to back them up with an image so at the very least others can see who they are interacting with.


    Take care .

      March 22, 2015 7:01 PM GMT
  • Any member here should also think of this. If anyone thinks they may be recognised by a family member or friend or someone from work then ask yourself this. Why would they be looking on here?. Why would they register as a member?.

    Did they google they want a new TV ?. No that would be 


    If they did find you on here how would they explain their reason for joining or looking?. I think it is safe to say it is highly unlikely you will be seen and if you were they would not say anything  because they would have some explaining to do.


    Take care.

      March 22, 2015 7:25 PM GMT