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Wrongs and Rights part 2.

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  • This is going to be one of the shortest forum topics I have started. There will always be Wrongs and Rights going on in this world and here at GS. We can argue untill the end of time but the fact is some are right and some are wrong. I get things right and I get things wrong because I am human. Any person who says they are always right is a liar or deluded. The only thing we can all do is Try our best to get it right. None of us are perfect so at times we will get it wrong. All we can do to to make things better is to try to understand each other more and make the effort to do that. Then at least we can say we tried and if that means just meeting in the middle then it is better than arguing. I am tired of seeing others insulted and tired of being insulted myself. If any member here thinks that I have genuinely insulted them then all I can do is genuinely apologise. I do that from my heart , they are not just words.

    Take care xx

      April 5, 2015 7:47 PM BST
  • And can I just say Thank You to whoever deleted part one. Also Thank You to all that took part. We learnt a lesson from it but it should not have been played out in public. The main lesson we can take away from it was we care about this website. It is unique and is special and we have some special people here .


    My love to you all xxx

      April 5, 2015 8:56 PM BST
  • It is always difficult to have a website where people can visit & upload media, whether that will be pictures or videos or to even link to other websites or pieces of information that maybe of use to others. It can lead to some uncomfortable situations because you have some strong characters that agree or disagree with what is being shared.


    I can freely admit that I do not always agree with what others have said & posted but I have had some advice from people I have met through this website & use that advice for any situation I face. In the heat of the moment please take a step back & refrain from placing your thoughts while in an agitated state, instead save a draft copy of what you want to say & then sleep upon it & look at what you have written in the following day when you have a more calm frame of mind & then look at what you want to say. I find that this works for me because you have you draft copy to rant & rave & then once you are calmer a more rational version can be found.


    Please remember that our community is on display & we would all like to see this website thrive & be a welcome & happy place to visit, that people can ask & give advice to those that need or have advice to give. Also remember we were all new to everything at least once & a warm welcome from people made a difference & it shows because we are still here now

    Not to borrow the strength of another, nor to rely on one's own strength; to cut off past and future thoughts, and not to live within the everyday mind... then the Great Way is right before your eyes. - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
      April 6, 2015 3:57 PM BST
  • Thank You for that Matt. This is not all about me it is about many others too. I think most of us agree that GS is the best website there is for Transgender individuals. Some of the things I witness here do hurt me. Some of the worst I have witnessed has been aimed at new young members. Those young people are the future . If they come here for advice or support and are then insulted then what are they going to think?. We all know how it feels to be young and confused and GS can offer so much to help them. Someone like Leelah Alcorn who ended her life at just 17 years old would have been to young to be a member here . Her own Mother and Father pushed her over the edge. If Leelah had come here but lied about her age only to be insulted by older members then those older members would be just as guilty as her Mother and Father.

    I think it is best to drop the links business. Some of us were not very happy with them being posted here but looking back we should have all just ignored them and they would have eventually realised posting the links was a waste of their time. If it happens again then I will just look the other way even though at the rate they were being posted they were hard not to see.


    There is so much good we can do here and I think most of us try and do. We do need to focus on support for those that do genuinely need it. We can do that much better with as few external distractions as possible . News feeds are a good thing as they keep people up to date . The home page and these forums can be fun too. Youtube links are external but they are not of any harm as they are mostly fun or just someone wanting to share some music they like. A good balance of things makes this website interesting.


    Take care x

      April 6, 2015 6:23 PM BST