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    chicago Admirer
    Private item

    Upcoming Trip
    I wanted to let people know that I will be out of town for most of December and the first half of January, at least.  I will hit NYC, Richmond, ...

    Mere Newton-Matza has passed away!
    This is terrible news. I’m so sorry. Thanks for letting us know Robyn.

    Was Mere still together with her partner? She must be...  more
    Leading the double life
    This problem isn't anywhere as bad as it used to be for me. I work as a baggage handler at O'hare international in chicago. I work with a lot of men that are all about being real men and for a very long time considered me as such. They never thougth...  more
    The Legend that is Bruce Springsteen
    Trace, it wasn't actually Bruce who had a massive stroke, but the saxophonist from the E Street Band, Clarence...  more
    Anyone from the chicago area?
    Hi  new to this site and been reading through the forums and love all the great information. I think this site and the people on here seem wonderful. I'm originally from california and when I lived out there, in the hollywood area, I had a lot of...  more