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    lucy diamond
    Private item

    Sent this to my parents to come out
    Lucy Diamond said:
    Very well written, Jessica. Good luck with everything.

    Thanks Lucy. Unfortunately I sent that to my parents in January of 2016, and it didn't go so well
    The dreaded "sir"
    Lucy Diamond said:Yes I've come across those types. It's mostly guys that have done it to me in the past, basically just trying to be smartasses; thinking they're clever cos they clocked you. I usually just misgender them back, so if a bloke says, "Thank...  more
    Scallops !
    Lucy Diamond said:Good healthy food!
    I'd have a bottle of wine with it and ruin that of course...

    I'd drink THREE bottles of Sauvignon Blanc with it , but I don't drink , but I want to :-)
    Chicken and Jarlsburg Cheese
    Lucy Diamond said:Greetings from a fellow foodie!
    Jarlsberg is actually Norwegian. Sorry I'm a pedantic foodie...
    The recipe sounds...  more
    A GG's review of Tangerine and The Danish Girl
    So I checked out a pretty scathing movie review that someone posted in Lucy Diamond's review here on GS (I disagree with that spectator reviewer, I loved Eddie Redmayne's mannerisms and wasn't the least bit annoyed), and read some of the comments from...  more
    Changing your name legally in the UK
    I have been tryin g to contatc Lucy Diamond for a formatted copy of the Deed Poll form.
    If you can see this Lucy...  more
    Changing your name legally in the UK
    Maybe I've misunderstood Lucy Diamond but I am offended. As name is Miss Andie Priscilla Swainson, changed by deed poll. Neither my family, friends nor work mates have any issue. it bothers me that I am refered to in a male...  more
    Changing your name legally in the UK
    Lucy Diamond said:Andie, no-one is disagreeing with you.
    Just to clarify the comments made by the deed poll site in your post above:
    The fact is that the UK passport agency will accept a deed poll for a change of name. It does not have to be provided by...  more
    It really happened!
    Lucy Diamond said:Even when used in a rude way, it's not very rude is it.

    No, not really. Much depends on how and where it's used. That Sarah even contemplated deleting it is classy and lends some creedence to the notion that it isn't appropriate in...  more
    It really happened!
    Lucy Diamond said:That is not a rude word!
    No need to delete it Sarah.
          And, nice one. 
             ...  more