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  • Posted by Daphne Quarters - July 5
    Gee, it's been almost 2 months since I've written my last update. I guess time does fly when you're having fun. I've certainly been having fun, or at ...
  • Posted by Michelle Lynn - June 28
    Just some random thoughts....  Deep in my heart lives a spark, that one day grew and became a flame.  A Flame consuming thoughts and ...
  • Out
    Posted by John Yerington - June 28
    I did it, I told my daughter! She received it very well and said it really made a lot make sense to her. I would have never believed that I could ...
  • Posted by John Yerington - June 27
    Hello Everyone!   I want to thank you for all of your support!  I have updated my file to show who I really am.  I appologize for ...
  • Posted by John Yerington - June 26
    We can all celebrate on this wonderful day with same sex marriage legalized in the United States!  That means trans people can also marry ...
  • Posted by Emma Croft - June 23
    Okay, I finally caved. I have casually searched for a counselor/psych for a while, but with no intention of finding one or seeing one. When I did ...
  • Posted by Emma Croft - June 21
    This is always one of the toughest days for me. One, because I never really had a Father growing up. My Father was abusive. He was/is an alcholic ...
  • Posted by Travis Smith - June 20
    Is there any place in vegas to get hrt...?can inhouse pharmacies deliver to hotels?