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  • Posted by Rhonda Armstrong - August 12, 2013
    Hello again? I had a reather uneventful day.  Most of which was spent on line, sigh   But I did see a unique u tube posting which gave me ...
  • Posted by Anna-Marie Trindall - November 8, 2008
    OMG.....is it really that long since i blogged? Well, its not been too bad a period for me. On Tuesday, i had an appointment over at the Norwich GIC ...
  • Posted by Vickie Boisseau - July 26, 2011
    Hi,    In this Mag I have written a article on my forced feminination by a local college, and my various adventures as a female going back ...
  • Posted by Cyrsti Hart - July 28, 2010
    Day to day discussion of  life in the dual world.Quote of the day: Overheard on one of the "judge" shows on trash tv. One room mate ...