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My Aura and Libido

  • My Woman's libido is as soft as a dove with the bittersweet ambiance of honey cilantro, parsley and lemon peels, my heart shaped bottom is the hilltop overlooking the waterfall. the milk from my breast is the pitter patter of light rain gently brushing against my cheeks, the goddess Demetar is my mother, her wisdom is our shared ego. For hours I sit with my aspiration to coax her into laying with me. As the beaches are filled with divine inspiration, and the strength of women like us pour out of photo albums. My story is that I am her bowel fertilizing and cleaving to the Earth, with the untamed  passion of sisterhood being united.Often times I write in my diary how being a woman's private playgirl gives me  a feeling of authenticity. My wife is dominant I am only her Lesbian slave. I look across the forest to see the grasshoppers and lillies spring forth in the bloom of my budding breasts. I see her as the Mother Earth whose blessing overflows giving birth to a new sun set. Warrior women we are, we cryout only for the unyielding kisses to last for infinity. For each moment I am cradled as her babe, I know as a daughter of the Goddess of virgins that my sole being is being held by a power supreme.