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  • Welcome To The Gender Society

    Welcome to the Gender Society. Established in 1999, The Gender Society is one of the largest online communities for transvestites, crossdressers, transsexuals and Transgender people in the world today, with members right around the globe.  We also cater for the families and friends of Transgender people.


    Need information?  Worried that you might be a transvestite or a crossdresser or perhaps a transsexual?  No problem.  We are a self-help group with heaps of members who’ll be only too glad to give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience.  Sift through hundreds of articles on Transgender related subjects and tens of thousands of forum posts on crossdressing and transsexuality.


    Post a question in the forums or get one-to-one advice from other members by visiting our chat rooms.  Post some personal ads in our classifieds area, check out our Transgender picture galleries, our member’s blogs and use the member search facility (for finding trans people near you). We offer a Transgender related video archive like YouTube, where you can learn how to apply false eyelashes or develop a female voice and much, much, more.


    We also have heaps of new features and benefits with new items being added all the time.  And remember, although we do like you to become a Full Member if you find yourself here a lot, Basic Membership is free!  I so hope you'll like what we've done with your community.


    Hugs, Katie   x

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