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  • Posted by Kris McKinley - July 18
    Been a while since I've blogged/ranted on here, but figure this is probably the best place to say this. I've been sort of halfway out for a while now ...
  • Posted by Donna V - June 16
    In a weeks time I have my post op appointment ,it's been 2 months since my GRS.Overall it's been an ordeal as last month my elderly parents health ...
  • Posted by michelle/mitchell self - June 14
    just wondering if anybody have heard of any voice impaired trans genders. doc told me if i was lucky i migght have some voice left after my cancer ...
  • Posted by Rachel de Blanc - June 1
    Thought for today. Dressing; Elastoplast for the Soul. A little shopping, new sandals and a top. Genes happy. Rachel x
  • Posted by Rachel de Blanc - May 13
    Hi. I am visiting my parents who are now distant from home and feel further away than ever as they age, but we are still close. As an opportunist ...
  • Posted by Rachel de Blanc - May 11
    Hi I haven't blogged for a while, so my apologies for that. I've voyeuristically visited her and take delight a seeing names of friends that I ...
  • Posted by robin w - May 7
    Hey ladies! So y'all know I work at a well known (mostly) women's clothing store. Yesterday about four of us "girls" are in the sorting room. ...
  • Posted by Donna V - April 12
    So this time next week I will be travelling to London to have GRS and it is going to take a week until I come back home.I have just been doing ...