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  • 18 Mar 2012
    So there we were three girls all glammed up and ready to hit the club.   We set off across the car park heels clicking as we went, you have to love that sound! The first obsticle we came across was a grass verge which we all managed to get across with not to much trouble. Then across the road to the club, which was easy as there are few cars around at 3.30am.   As the club are working on their main entrance it was not easy to find the way in. I saw a sign saying safe route, so decided to go that way. Debs and Faye went down the sloping driveway. Faye got down okay but Debs came down a little quicker and less in control. It was at this point i remember Debs saying she had never walked more than the length of her living room on heels and it bought it home to me that this was her first time out which by now was hard to believe. Arriving safely at the entrance, just, we climbed the stairs to enter the club.   We entered the club and paid the entance fee, which was very reasonable at £7. We then walked into the club with a welcome from the security of "welcome ladies" what more could we ask for?   The club itself is amazing. Fires blazing in the smoking area, a warm welcome and a lot of security. What more can a girl ask for? The first stop was the bar in the smoking area. How nice to stand at a bar and order a drink while smoking? Debs got the first round ( with no pressure from me and and we were all open mouthed at the price, over £20 for three drinks, until the barmaid said there was a mistake on the till. Which was a real relief to all of us i think, as it might have been a very expensive weekend else. After finishing our cigs we headed into the main part of the club. Despite the late hour, or should i say early hour? the club was quite busy with a buzzing atmosphere.   We decided to head up to the top floor which is the quite area of the club. Walking through the club we passed the dance floor, which was quite busy despite the hour. Arriving at the top floor i head to the bar to get the drinks in while debs and Faye go and sit down. Drinks in hand i head to where Debs and Faye are sat chatting away and hand the girls their drinks. I sit down and we have a toast to the GS girls day out and all agree it has been a brilliant day. We chat, laugh and joke about our day, the makeovers and no end of subjects. Sitting chatting with the girls i found it hard to believe a few  things. Firstly that is was Debs first time out as she was so femme and confident, then the confindence i felt in myself being as it was only my second time out as Monique, the fact that Faye is so relaxed as herself, then the confidence i have as it is only my second time out as Monique, the way we were chatting like friends who see each other everyday which felt so nice and lastly that we had all only met as a group a mere 14hrs ago.   After chatting for a while it was decided we would hit the dance floor. A quick trip down stairs and we were stutting our stuff! Despite what she says Debs moves really well as does Faye. The dance floor had mirrors all around it and i did notice we were all checking ourselves out while dancing, for me it was so nice just to be me and enjoy dancing without a care in the world. At one point a stange looking man came and tried to grab my hand but i waved him away, he then went and grabbed Fayes hand but she made it clear she wasnt interested and he backed off, i must say even at this point i wasnt concerned about our safety as i could see at least 4 security staff about. After strutting our stuff for a while we decided to head back to the hotel. On the way out Debs decided she was hungry, so she ordered a bugger and chips. While waiting another round of drinks were bought and we chatted while waiting for the food. It was a this point i coughed and sneezed at the same time and managed to cover my face with what i was drinking, not a good look. I headed off to the toilet quickly to find some tissue to clean myself up. Exiting the toilet i find Faye heading towards me with more tissue in hand and a concerned look on her face. I tell her im fine and thank her for helping ( she wiped the bits I missed). By now Debs has her burger and chips so we head out of the club back to the hotel.   The journey back to the hotel was less eventfull than the journey there , apart from Debs flashing her stunning legs at a passing car. Back at the hotel outside our rooms we have a group hug and say our goodnights. Back in my room i realise im a bit hungry and wish i had got some food from the club. Then i remember i had some quavers in the car, so i grab the keys for the car and head to the car park. Exiting the hotel i light a cig and get the quavers from the car, while smoking my cig i cant help but smile to myself as i think about what a perfect day it has been and wonder if the weekend can get any better. Back in my room i remove my makeup get into bed and eat my quavers reflecting on a wonderfull day. I check my watch and it is 6.10am, god i need to sleep. That was the last thing i remember of the Fri/Sat of my best weekend ever.   To be continued
    2248 Posted by monique aka *mini Mon* h
  • 08 Apr 2012
    Having got Jacqui checked in and settled in her room we head back to the bar, big surprise! Back in the bar we chat more about different things. Jacqui is very quiet but im guessing she has just got to get used to us three gasing away like old friends, but she never stop smiling.While chatting Debs mentions she has not brought any false lashes with her, and without thinking i say there is a Boots just up the road. I found this on my previous day out. At this point Faye said "okay lets go i will drive" Without thinking again I grabbed my handbag, finished my drink and we were off.Once in the car it became all to clear to me what I was about to do. Go out in public dressed during the day in a busy shopping area, and if i am honest i was as nervous as hell. As i am being the sat nav i dont have much time to dwell on this untill we arrive. On exiting the car i look at the girls and think we all look fabulous, although Debs does look a bit nervous. It was at this point i thought I need to have confidence in myself for me and others. So with that in mind i walk with the girls to Boots with my head held high. On the way to Boots nothing happens, we do get a few looks, but most are just passing glances from men and a few from women. I must admit i dont think many saw us for anything else than a group of girls out shopping.On entering the shop Debs says "where will i find Lashes" Being a regular shopper at boots i know they are with the nails, so a quick check on the shop signs and we head off leaving Faye to decide on the earings she has just found and Jacqui went off to look at makeup. Debs finds a pair off lashes with sparkley bits she likes, so we head to the checkout where we meet with Faye who is going to buy the earings she found. While Debs and Faye pay for their items i wonder off to look at the No7 makeup and find a eye makeup remover that Pop said is really good. I look round for the girls and see Faye and Debs so i call them over to show them, Jacqui has joined us at this point. Then a sales assistant asked "would you ladies like any help" We all turn around and say no thank you we are  just looking. We then left the store and headed back to the car. For me this shopping trip was such an amazing experience made even better and easier because of the friends around me.   Back in the car we head back to the hotel with a brief stop so Faye can get some cash. All the time in the car the chat flows freely and we spend so much time laughing and joking like we have know each other for every and a day.   At the hotel we head to my room so i can get the girls opinion on what to wear to the club that night. I show the girls the two dresses i have narrowed it down to. The decision is the same from all the girls, the purple rose dress with the colour fade shoes. Debs asked about my breast forms so i told her where i got them from and showed her some different size ones i had with me (told you I over packed). She tried out these and i said she could borrow some if she wanted, she chose a pair that she liked and I gladly lent them to her. Being in my room chatting with the girls about dresses, breasts, hair and makeup felt so good i couldnt stop smiling. Then Debs phone goes, it is Vikki she has arrived. So we all head to the car park to meet her.   On exiting the hotel Vikki is waiting for us in boy mode, but as soon as she starts talking there is no mistaking Vikki and her sense of humour, within a couple of minutes we are all laughing at her jokes. We get her checked in and settled in her room then we head back to the bar. A few more drinks and more chat then Vikki joins us and we chat more before ordering some food. By this time the hotel bar was getting quite busy with a lot of girls, and when Little Bo Peep walked in we just all looked at each other and smiled. We ordered some food and pretty much ate in silence, as i think the last day or so had caught up with Debs Faye and I. Having eaten we agreed to meet between 9 and 10 to head to the club.   So back in my room i had some time to reflect on the day, and realised that even though at times i had been nervous about certain things I was having the time of my life as Monique, and this was in no small part because of who i was with. I decided to nip out for a smoke before getting ready. In the car park there are a few more girls arriving and the hotel is getting quite busy, but everyone is nice and friendly which makes the hotel feel like a second home. Back in my room I shower, shave and change into my glam rags for the night out. Having got myself ready i head to the bar, via the car park for a smoke.   Arriving in the bar i realise it is only 8.45 and realise i am a bit early due to my enthusiasm for going out with the girls, so i order myself a drink and settle down to wait for the girls. While waiting for the girls i have the chance to take in what is going on in the hotel bar, and all i can say it was full of all sorts of people. The Little Bo Peep group are there and there is a large group of girls, some with partners and it seems it is some kind of party. At about 9.30 Faye arrived so i buy her a drink and we chat for a bit at the bar before going outside for a smoke. While outside a young Irish girl comes over and starts chatting to us, it seems Faye has spoken to her earlier in the day and she is fasinated by girls like us, and Faye had told her earlier in the day if she wants to know anything about just ask, and ask she did. We chat for quite a while till her boyfriend arrives and they leave for the club. The large group that were in the bar come out of the hotel and offer Faye and I to come with them to the club as they have a party booking and we could get in free, we decline as we need to wait for the rest of our group. Jacqui appears looking stunning and as always smiling, closely followed by Vikki who looks equally stunning. Faye at this point decides to see what is keeping Debs, so heads off back into the hotel. When she reappears she has Debs in tow, who looks stunning but a little tired and doesnt seem her cofindent self. (Having read Debs blog of the weekend i now know why).   So now the GS girls are all together we head off to the club.
    2197 Posted by monique aka *mini Mon* h
  • 25 Mar 2012
    Saturday morning i was awoken by a phone call from my brother at 10am asking if i wanted to go out for a rideout on my motorbike. My reply was " Bruv i'd love to but i've just woke up in a hotel room in Milton Keynes".  He asked why and I filled him in on the reason and the weekend so far. I should point out my brother was the first person i every came out to, and he has been so suportive every since. Hanging up the phone I decided to nip out for a smoke, big surprise! So i pulled on my boy clothes quickly and rushed out for a cig, switching the kettle on as i left the room. I would have loved to have got changed first but the need for a smoke was to much. At home i usually have a smoke before getting out of bed to give you some idea of the need for a smoke.     Back in my room i made a cup of tea and started getting things ready for the day. The first thing to sort was what i was wearing for the day, this was easy as i had planned what to wear during the day a week or so ago. For me what I chose was the outfit i would feel most comfortable in going out in public during the day. We had spoken about going out shopping during the day but no firm plans had been made, and if I am honest the thought of going out during the day scared the hell out of me. I had been out before with some friends in London after my first makeover at pops, but it was in the evening and I knew this was going to be completly different. ( I will right a blog about my first time out ever soon) Next thing to sort was nails, classic french nails as i think they look naturally femme, my own nails are awfull because of my work. All that sorted and layed out ready to go it is time to shower and shave.      Having finished showering and shaving it was time to get ready. For me this is one part of being Monique I really enjoy. I chose a subtle look with my make up, browns for eye shadow eyeliner and mascara, a light coloured lipstick and small amount of blusher. Make up done it was time to get dressed. My chosen out fit was jeans, black tshirt with cowl necked jumper and a pair of 2" heeled footglove shoes.     Once dressed i decided to head out for a smoke. On leaving my room i was greeted by one of the hotel cleaners, who asked me if i wanted my room cleaned, or just the towels changed. I replied "just some fresh towel will be fine". Then i realised I was talking to someone who didnt know me, and I was dressed! I know because of the location of the hotel to PP's im sure the staff see all sorts, but for me this simple act of asking for fresh towels was another thing that added to my confidence this weekend. So feeling on top of the world i stride through the hotel and step out side for the first time in public during the daylight on my own. Outside in the carpark i cant help but walk to the car for no other reason than i just want to look as I feel, just a regular girl going about her daily buisness.   To be continued,
    2026 Posted by monique aka *mini Mon* h
  • 11 Mar 2012
    Arriving back at the hotel at 2.55am we head to our rooms to change for the trip across the road to the club. I ask the others what time to meet them, Debs says 15 minutes, so we all head into our rooms to change.   Back in my room i look at the bed and think it would be nice to sleep, as i said by this time i am flagging, but im having such a good time the bed can wait. Then i panic a bit, what the hell do i wear!!!! I dont need to do my makeup which helps, but what to wear? I think for a moment then realise i have black nails on, so its a black dress, but which one? One option is a plain black dress with long sleeves, the other is a black rose print dress with short sleeves. I choose the rose print dress, as even though it has short sleeves it is a wool dress so i thought it would be warmer. So the decision made, i change as quick as possible. Next decision is what shoes to wear? Black obviously but kitten heel for comfort or 4.5" stilletoes for the look. Easy choice, the Quick check, Make up, DONE. Dress, DONE. Shoes, DONE. Hair NOT DONE. A quick brush of the hair a check in the mirror and i am ready, check the watch, 3.10 on time, just.   I exit my room into the hallway and find i am on my own. I listen at Faye and Debs doors and hear they are still getting ready by the sound of it, so i head out into the carpark for a quick smoke feeling so confident and femme as i strut down the hallway, stairs and tilled lower floor in my heels all glammed up. I exit into the carpark and walk around while smoking as the sound of my heels makes me smile even more. Whilst in the carpark i reflect on the day so far and realise i havent stopped smiling since we checked in. I finish my smoke and head back up to the girls rooms. Still no one around so i head back into my room to check my make up and hair, quick brush through the hair and im set.   Back in the hall Debs emerges from her room looking stunning, altough it was longer than 15 mins, ( i wouldnt hold that against any girl) it was worth the wait to see her looking so glam and the smile on her face I will remember for a long time to come. We knock on Fayes door and she emerges looking stunning as well.   So there we were, three girls all glammed up and ready to hit the club. We all walked down the hall laughing and joking as we went, down the stairs out of the hotel into the carpark. I must admit at this point i felt tired, but also i felt like a million dollars with my two friends who i have known for a while online but only a short time in real time, and i must say i was so happy and proud to have been a part of Debs first day out, and meeting Faye for the second time made it even better.   To be continued:- if you can put up with my waffling?
    1882 Posted by monique aka *mini Mon* h
8,864 views Mar 04, 2012
My best weekend ever

This is my take on our girls weekend out in Milton Keynes arranged by Faye


For me the weekend started on thurs evening with packing, what to take what not to take? So i took way to much of everything.

As i had booked for a make over at Style Me Quirky on the friday i packed two bags, one for friday, clothes for travelling back, two options ( i can never make my mind up what to wear) shoes, make up and loads of other stuff. The other bag was packed for saturday, even more shoes, 5 or 6 dresses, casual clothes, and way to much other stuff. Finally with everything packed it was off to bed to try to sleep, with the excitement building sleep eventually came in the early hours.


Friday morning arrives, the bags are put ih the car and im off. Driving to Milton Keynes so much goes through my mind. Will we all get on, what will the hotel and club be like, will i have the nerve to spend the whole weekend as Monique. Before i realise it I have arrived in Milton Keynes, way to early, its only 11.15. A quick check on the hotel location I decide to kill some time by going for a drive around. A quick trip up the road and i discover a shopping complex. So I decide to have a quick look around. First stop was TK Max, lots of cheap clothes but i dont have the nerve to look through the miles of rails as the shop is really busy. Next stop is Brantanos, here the problem is opposite, the shop is void of people and i feel very self concious walking around the womens shoes. I feel as though the sale assistants are watching me and laughing inside, im sure they are not but i decide to head out, im sure the young female assistant gave me a knowing smile as i head out the door. Back in the car i kick myself for being so stupid and realise that if i am going to enjoy this weekend i will need to be more confident, not a real strong point for me.


I decide to get something to eat as ive had no food since Thursday evening. Just around the corner i find a Burger King. A quick burger meal then i head to the hotel. I sit in the carpark reading the paper waiting for the girls to arrive. Again so much goes through my mind and im starting to feel really nervous about the whole weekend. I am bought back to reality by a text message from Debs, Faye has picked her up from the airport and they are on their way. A short time later i recognise a blue Saab as it pulls up in the car park, and nearly flattens a hedge.  I nervously get out of the car and walk over. The first thing that happens is a big hug from Debs, then a hug from Faye. We stand and chat for a short while and i can honestly say from that first hug my confidence is growing and my nerves seem to have gone. We check in to the hotel laughing and joking all the time, we all end  up in rooms next to one another, so we head upstairs to get settled before we head off to London.


We all meet outside the rooms. Faye has changed while me and Debs are still in drab mode. Faye is muttering something about not looking good, but i think she looks great. We head to the car park put mine and Debs bags in the car and we are off to London. The drive is pretty uneventfull, but the chat in the car is good and we have a good laugh on the journey. The more we chat and laugh the more relaxed and confident i feel about the weekend. We arrive in London park the car and make our way to the Styke Me Quirky studio.


We get to the studio and call Pops to say we have arrived, by this time i am doing a stupid dance as i am busting for a pee, of course the girls are sympathetic about this, NOT, but we have a laugh about it. I my case a little laugh as i dont want to wet myself literally. Pops and Kelly come down to meet us and i make a mad dash for the loo. I return to find everyone chatting and getting on like a house on fire so i just join in the chat while we have a smoke before going in for the make over. Seeing Pops again is like meeting an old friend and we chat like you would with someone you see everyday. We finish our cigs and head into the studio. For me personally this makeover was much easier than the first as i feel at ease with the Style Me Quirky crew even though ive never met Kelly before. I will not go into the make over now, but i will say it was a blast especially when Cathy arrived.  you need to read Debs blog about her make over.


We leave the studio around midnight and head to Pops house for a quick drink before we head back to Milton Keynes. We chat for a while about the day and have a good laugh. On a personal note while having a smoke in the garden with just Pops we have a personal chat, and as much as Pops has found a client who will return when possible i would also class Pops as a friend who cares. We all say our farewells throw the bags in the car and we head back to Milton Keynes.


Driving back we chat about the day so far and we all agree it has been a great day. The drive back was a lot quicker, mainly because lack of traffic but also down to my heavy right foot, thank god the sat nav pics up speed cameras. Debs and Faye have a bit of a snooze on the way back, i know because i can here the I must admit i cannot stop smiling all the way back as i have had a great day with a couple of great girls. At this time i would honestly say i was flagging having had such a long day, but when we get close to the hotel it is decided we will go to PP's and it was the right decision.


to be continued