About The Gender Society

I'm Katie Glover, a transvestite crossdressing girl originally from London, England, who's also lived in the United States and spent several years in Australia too, during her misspent youth. When I was younger my family moved around a lot and I had to go with them.

On one hand it seemed as though we were always moving on, just when I was really settling in and starting to consider myself at home. On the other, I think it gave me an very international view of the world. By the time I was 20, I was very well traveled and had a curious accent, part English, part American and part Australian, but one which was not really acceptable in any of those countries.

I settled down in the UK and am now married. My SO knows all about my crossdressing and is very understanding and I am working at cultivating my English accent and my girly voice.

Having been a crossdresser since I was very young, I decided that I needed more involvement in the transgender community so in 1999 I started a web site called Trannyweb with an idea for running vacations for transvestites and crossdressers. That quickly fell through because of a serious lack of customers. At that time, everyone thought that as soon as you put up a web site, there would be millions of people looking at it and beating a path to your door. Er, wrong! In six months we had exactly zero customers and only one enquiry.

Having learned quite a bit about the web, the hard way, I dropped the vacations idea but as the web site had been paid for, for a year and I still had six months left, I decided to make a links page with pointers to transgender resources around the web.

After discovering just how many thousands of crossdresser, transsexual, transvestite and transgender related resources and web sites there are, I installed some search engine software to index them. As far as I know, our old search engine, which was affectionately called Mabel, contained the largest collection of transgender related links in the galaxy.

Our Transgender search engine really started bringing in the traffic so I needed to find other things for the girls to do while they were on the site. Next came the transgender message boards and then the tranny chat rooms and other bells and whistles. Some of the software was shareware or freeware and none of the programs talked to each other.

Some were very memory and processor hungry, gobbling up the server's resources and slowing everything down. It was all a bit of a mess that had evolved over time rather than having been planned properly from the start.

I brought a non-transgender programming friend on board early in 2002 and with the help of some brilliant programmers in Canada, we built a new transgender community which was different to the old incarnation in one very important way. All of the separate programs that made up the suite had been written from the outset to work together. They shared information and had been specifically designed to be used by an online community.
This one development really put our community onto a new level.

Over the years we've also started a shop, transgender auction site called TrannyBay, a video collection called GSTV, and our own ad network at gsadnet.com. The idea is that you register as a Publisher and put your ad units in prominent positions on your web site pages. Then, every time someone clicks on an ad you earn some money. If you've got a transgender related web site then please try it now. Just click here to go there now and register.

One of the biggest projects we've embarked upon is Frock Magazine. Frock is a digital, quarterly, glossy, transgender lifestyle magazine that's designed to be read online. Of course it's aimed at transvestites, crossdressers and transsexuals and the articles and stories are about crossdressing, changing gender, having gender reassignment surgery, transgender people's lives, and heaps of more light hearted stuff too like transgender horoscopes, quizzes, celebrity interviews and loads of photos. You can read more about Frock Magazine by going here - http://frockmagazine.com.

Over the years we have run a number of Girly Nights Out in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland, Sydney, Australia and in London, Torquay and Manchester in the UK.

In future we want to bring the Gender Society out of your computer and into the streets, with more events, so that more of us special girls can have even more fun!

Hugs, Katie :)

If you need to contact us, please drop a line to [email protected] and we'll get back to you in no time.

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