Forced Fem Goes to College

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       In this Mag I have written a article on my forced feminination by a local college, and my various adventures as a female going back to college. Yes the college is forcing me to be a woman at least on campus. Here is a small part on my article. "I was in the office of the dean of students with there chief of police discussing my enrolment into the college my first semester there. I was dressed at the time in a 3 piece mens business suit complete with a tie, and my very male patterned baldness showing.

       I said "Do you realise that you are asking a XY male raised man to use thw woman's locker room?"

       The chief said "Aaaaaa yaaaa we have to ask you to use the woman's locker room for legal reasons." Oh ya this is going to be good. So thus attired I ventured into the woman's locker room, and was promptly assaulted by 2 Asian female students........

        You can read the rest in my article as to what happened.  As time goes on I will tell all you of my adventures, and my thoughts on this.


    Take Cree,

    Elder A. Vickie Boisseau CPS

    I am not my body. - Thich Nhat Hanh