A new idea inspirited by a utube posting

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    Hello again? I had a reather uneventful day.  Most of which was spent on line, sigh

      But I did see a unique u tube posting which gave me pause for thought.

      It seems that I didn't have a morning routine. So I'd roll out of bed go to that bathroom take care of business, taking my gurly pills and such clean my dentures after they had been sitting in cold water overnight.  and such, we musent get to detailed here right. lol

      I then sat down in front of my lap top at home and looked for what happened to the world while I was sleeping.  After a few hours of this I decided that it was about time i went outside and got some fresh air.  I live in a sealed building no opening the windows, grrr.

      I put on the bra and manties, then looked around for what else to wear.  Oh my everything is fairly well soiled, That is what I get for going so long without doin the laundry. Funny I used to enjoy it so too.  

      Anywho,  I found that when ever I start the day I'm sorta in gender neutral from having started the day so many years now this way.

      I thought that I should take a few minutes and meditate or at least say a montry affirming that I am a gurl/woman now.  This might help with my guilty feelings in wearing woman's attire outside.

      For the past few months I have started carrying a decidely feminine purse, having switched from a gender neutral messenger bag.  I've also begun wearing daily earrings.  That is about as far as I could allow myself to go. sigh

     Not long ago I did have occasion to go out and conduct some business wearing a blouse and earrings carrying a purse.  I was surprised pleasantly by the way no one managed to noticiblly notice me.  I got a few second glances but that was about it.

      I am quite sure that I'm not able to "pass" as soon as i open my mouth i spill the beans cuz i haven't found a way to adjust my voice yet.

      I have an appointment with my mental health practical nurse who oversee's my meds except for the gurl pills.  I have been out to her for quite sometime but she has never seen me en fem.  I have an appointment with her on Tuesday and have today decided that I will go en fem on that day.  I will be traveling on public transport but it will not be commuters hours.  I wonder what her reaction will be like?  giggle

      So between tonight and Tuesday noon I will be trying to do all I can to re affirm my feminine personna.  giggle

      Well that is about all I can think of to say so. . here's hoping.  I will try to write on tuesday about the little adventure.  Rhonda

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  • Heather Parker-Jones I hope you do not stress much on those little things and enjoy the day, it sounds like you have made up your mind to be your self so I nice outfit some happy thoughts and off you go. and the top you see on my picture is my outside clothes. so big hugs