First Time out - part One!

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    Its monday morning, im off work today, im cleaning the house and doing laundry.when i pick up an item out of the hamper, my eyes fill up. this isnt the gypsy skirt that has lain in the wardrobe out of sight for so long..its the skirt i wore walking in london surrounded by my friends, with me feeling on top of the world. this Dress was the one i wore buying eyelashes in the pharmacy in a large shopping precinct. and this dress was the one i wore when we went out clubbing. no longer do these clothes feel "secret" or "wrong" but now they remind me of the most beautiful enjoyable time ive ever had as Debbie.


    It all started when i joined the GS site, like so many others i had come looking for support, answers,and the rest. my head was a mess, my wife was frantic and i felt like i was staring into the abyss. i joined the chatroom and lay in the shadows for a few sessions, reading, listening and gradually being drawn into conversations. Carol Steel was the first to metaphorically hold my hand and we had many talks about my issues. as the weeks passed, my conversations with my wife grew less "weird" as we both tried to come to terms with the whole situation. She wanted to know everything i felt, why i did it, how i wanted to go forward..even at this early stage i had told her that i wanted to go out (but not local) and meet other girls like me. Im glad to say that she didnt dismiss the notion.


    i met Faye in the chatroom and right away, we hit it off. we had the same sense of humour, we had similar problems, and i knew i had found a real friend. being in the chatroom everynight was such a laugh and a real help to me. the idea of a night out was mooted and after a while we decided to set a date for Feb 24th. Faye set up a forum topic to invite any GS members who fancied it. swoon afterwards met Jaquie and Monique,two other chatroom regulars who soon became great friends, and was delighted when they said they would be coming with us.! as the date approched Vikki K who is a sheer delight with a fantastic sense of humour made up the last part of the group, the famous five (or as Vikki said..the worst spice girls tribute act ever lol ).


    I noticed a competition to win a makeover and photoshoot on the GS site and had the great fortune to win! after speaking to pops at stylemequirky, he kindly agreed to do me on the friday i was arriving. (more about stylemequirky later and in a new blog!)


    the venue we decided on was a trans friendly club in Milton keynes called pink Punters

    and the Campanile hotel which is literally across the road from pink punters. both were what i'd call "safe environments" and perfect for any girls first time out.


    as the time grew nearer, i grew more nervous i was physically sick on the morning of departure, thoughts of what could go wrong bouncing around my head. my wife dropped me off at the airport and told me to have fun, and not drink too much that i wouldnt remember anything (which is what happened the firat time i showed her debbie lol). i checked my bag in and headed to the departure lounge, skidding to a halt as i passed the jewelery store, and immediately buying a pair of crystal stud earrings (i recently had my ears pierced). i was incredibly nervous still and kinda drifted towards the bar..where i had a little vodka for breakfast (!) and proceeded to get in tow with a group of girls heading south for a hen night. we had a good laugh and were very merry by the time we got on the plane. i had a seat to myself (yay) and it was only a short flight 55 minutes so everything was great. i thought id put on my earrings on the plane (first time without a mirror handy) and kinda made blood appear on my left ear (stewardesss can i have a napkin?), but eventually got them in.


    Touchdown in Luton, and i am met by faye who gets the first of many Hugs! we chat and drive to Milton Keynes catching up on all the gossip and arrive in the carpark of the hotel where the delicious Monique is waiting. She gets the big hug i promised her and we all checkn in to the hotel. Monique has booked a makeover/shoot at Stylemequirky also and kindly drives us down to london to meet the team.


    im not going to describe the makeover session here, in fact it needs a whole blog of its own!(and im going to write one) but suffice to say, the StylemeQuirky team are simply amazing professional, kind, funny, beautiful. i walked in with my head down feeling very self conscious..and i walked out with my head held high, full of confidence (remember this was my first time out of the house!) feeling like a beautiful woman. my experience at Stylemequirky set me up for the whole weekend and i cannot sing their praises enough (thank you!!!!!xxx)


    we got back to the hotel en femme (wow!) and even though it was around 2:30 in the morning, i was persuaded to get changed and go to the club ...ok was MY idea to do that because i didnt want to miss a single minute of bein a girl. and i knew it was the right decision when i saw Faye and Monique all glammed up! the feeling of stepping out in the sexy dress id bought was breathtaking..all the things you hear about, the click of the heels on the pavement, the waft of perfume, the breeze on your legs and the way your dress moves..the walk to the club was tooo short! lol. i moved with confidence thanks to my makeover and faye told me later she had to keep reminding herself that this was my first time out because i was so feminine (thank you hunni x). we arrived at the club and were met by the doormen..;"good evening ladies!"  WOW! my heart raced and i had the biggest smile on my face!!



    to be continued!!



  • Tracey Millington <--- So jealous, glad you had a great time hun!!! now here's to the future of Debs... xxx
  • Briana Lynn Rekowski I'm so happy for all of you, wish I could have been there. : ) Here's to many more for you.
  • Maci Branch Awwww way to go Debs, whenever I get over the blasted pond you better be willing to do it again lol
  • Linda T It's something i've always dreamed of! Don't think it will happen anytime in the near future though, but you never know! Sooo glad that you had some good supportive friends with you to makes it sooo much more special. I bet you enjoyed every...  more