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    At the top of the main page on the Gender Society site, various advertising banners can be seen. One is for StylemeQuirky, a makeover/styling/wardrobe doctor/photography and much more service. They are based in London but given the right incentive, will travel anywhere!

    Now lets get one thing straight..i don’t do advertising and I don’t do Free advertising but I simply had to share my experiences at the hands of the stylemequirky team.



    I had entered a competition to win a free makeover and photoshoot with Stylemequirky last November and was delighted to be selected as a winner! The mainstay of the company is Poppy Cox a member of GS (hereafter known as Pops) who contacted me to congratulate me.

    Now Stylemequirky are a very new organism..dedicated to making you feel (and look) wonderful. And the competition was designed to enhance the profile of the company. Ideally Pops wanted all competition winners to be processed (what a horrible word!) before Christmas as they had a marketing timescale to adhere to. Unfortunately I could not make it down to London before February and thanked pops anyway. Rather than leave it at that, Pops promised me that he would do everything in his power to make sure I got my experience with them at a date more suitable for me (which turned out to be Feb 24th).


    Now I was very excited about the prospect of being glammed up and having a camera pointed at me (my description of how I thought it would be) but I got even more excited when I got the first taste of exactly how professional the company is!

    A few weeks before the shoot I engaged in what I can only describe as a bespoke fact finding mission which covered everything from my own thoughts on style, my skin type, hair colour, height, sight, body shape, and on and on! Pops needed to know Everything to make this work to its best advantage. We discussed looks, styles, how your personality can be enhanced or hidden by the use of fashion.. we discussed being Trans and how confidence can be affected. I was as I say pretty nervous but Pops had me reassured even at this early stage. The fact that all my details, feelings and thoughts were being taken into consideration was very satisfying indeed and I felt that my input was valid and that I was thrilled to be able to have some control over the experience rather than just be a “model” Pops told me everything I could expect and kept me updated all the way up to when I arrived at the studio.




    I arrived with two other GS girls, Faye and Monique.(both previous stylemequirky clients) Monique had booked a paid appointment to coincide with mine and Pops had kindly agreed to pull out all the stops and do both of us concurrently. Faye was there to make tea and lend support (although as I recall she got a free nail painting session from moi!). We were greeted by Pops and Kelly, and within minutes were all chattin away like old pals. Kelly was going to do my make up and Pops was doing Moniques. And so since time was of the essence (us GS girls were going clubbing!) the work began!


    From the moment the first lid is lifted from a pot, the first brush is picked up, EVERYTHING was explained in detail..why we use this what works better..techniques are divulged..Pops has various make –up blogs which I’d highly recommend for everyone.if you like what your getting you can purchase online! As Kelly applied my foundation she demonstrated a sure knowledge of her art. I was extremely happy that I was in good hands! Meanwhile Monique was sitting next to me..the first hint of the smile that I would see a lot of on our nights out appearing.


    I risk repetition if I go on..but each little stage..each subtle building of the look was explained thoroughly to us..our opinion was sought as we went along..what techniques we use ourselves etc and much discussion took place about what works and what doesn’t. I took the opportunity to ask about mascaras, foundations, make up removers and much much more!


    I used the word subtle back there, and I guess that it’s a pretty important word regarding make up..we all have ways to do own look which I perfected I called “the drunken hooker”..i have big eyes and used to bang on the mascara and eyeliner at a frightening volume!..and here was Kelly, deftly defining my eyes and softly applying mascara to bring out my lashes. And it worked! My eyes were not framed in a circle of black..but beautifully one regret is that I had had one wine too many on the way to the studio and my big eyes were rather bloodshot..but that’s my fault, not anyone elses!


    And so we are in the latter stages of make up..when from along the corridor comes a palpable buzz of energy..Cathy the Stylemequirky “head of enthusiasm” has arrived!


    Now ive seen enthusiasm before and ive seen false enthusiasm..but not Cathy! You could power the national grid off this girl for a week I swear! From the moment she breezed in everyone had the biggest grins on their faces. (imagine a soft northern Irish accent shouting I LOVE IT! Accompanied by a delighted squeal and you almost get the picture).

    She positively oozed positivity which was very infectious! Now don’t get me wrong, All the team are very enthusiastic but I’ve never met anyone who could hold a candle to Cathy lol.


    To put things back in perspective for a moment, the enthusiasm is (like all the team) tempered with a dedication to complete professionalism. Although we were all having a good laugh..i would be chattin away to Cathy and suddenly Kelly would appear and move a stray hair back into place..or touch up a blemish which appeared under different lighting.I’d be posing in front of the camera when Cathy would be right beside me adjusting the skirt or pulling at the belt. At all times, one of the team would be looking after you, this goes waaaay beyond pampering and into the realms of deeply caring about how you are doing.

    Pops was behind the camera and again his attention to detail was posing,the difference you can get from moving one foot 3 inches forward is astounding. Pops knows his stuff.. he gets you to pose without knowing you are posing (though I am a self confessed poseur) and manages to get the best results from his models through fantastic direction. Now heres the thing..if we had let them..the team would have worked on and on and on till they got the results we all wanted..we had arrived at around 3:30 and when i asked someone the time they told me it was after 11:00 at night..and Pops was still clicking away..i had been scheduled for three separate looks and had done two...but i decided to call a halt considering we had to go clubbing back in Milton Keynes..thats an important point to was my decision to stop!



    I mentioned something similar in a previous blog but just in case you missed it, i think its a fundamental truth of my first time out.. i flew down from Edinburgh to go with the girls on a weekend out, beginning with my StylemeQuirky makeover.. and heres the thing..i was incredibly shy, nervous and kinda self hating before i arrived at the studio (id never been out the house). I walked in with my head down as a man and i walked out choc full of confidence as a woman..alll thanks to the stylemeQuirky team..and im not just talking about talking about poise..confidence head up loving yourself feelin that they instilled in completely set me up for the weekend! For that alone i will be eternally grateful.

    We all jumped in a cab and headed back to pops’ place for a small aperitif before heading back.we were all talking about the session and lovin it! We were talkin about the whole concept and pricing versus time spent while pops was out of the room (sorry pops) and Cathy came out with a truth. She told us how Pops lives and breathes this...and by far the most important thing which sets him aside..he  genuinely CARES about his clients. I didn’t have to be told that at all..i saw it in his mannerisms..his attention to every single detail, the way he would have gladly worked into the wee small hours to get my third outfit shots..even though i wasn’t paying a penny. These things meant a lot to me..and if your comparing dressing services, i think the things in just mentioned should be taken into consideration.

    As i said, i don’t do Advertising, and this aint one..its just a plain report of the truth. I thought i was going for a makeover and i ended up in an all encompassing experience which enriched my life. To Pops Kelly Cathy, i genuinely thank you for all the care and attention you gave. You went above and beyond in my humble opinion xxxxx

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