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Post-op orgasm??

  • Hi gang, It's been way over a year since my surgery (Feb 10, 2015 - I'll never forget this date!) and only just gotten around to experimenting with stimulating myself. Of course my depression has a lot to do with that, bc depression, and the Rx's for it, contribute to low Lobito. Anyway, maybe it is all the attractive women I see at work, but I became aroused last week, and began, umm, experimenting! Now much of what I am going to say comes from a discussion with my surgeon afterwards, because I did not know how an orgasm for a post-op GRS patient manifests itself. My first feeling was the feeling one gets with an erection, not surprising since my clitoris is made from the head of my penis; this is also the feeling a cis woman gets. But the climax is really just mental, bc there is no "ejaculation" anymore, nor is there any fluid discharged from the neo-vagina. The neo-vagina is a "dead-end" cavity that does not secrete any fluid or lubrication the way a natal vagina does. The fluid that drained out next to my finger was just warmed-up, less viscous gel lube I had used. You do have a euphoric feeling afterward, which I have not been able to repeat the second, and only, subsequent time I tried. It was disappointing not being able to repeat the "orgasm"and I haven't had the urge again yet to try again. Well, maybe that woman will come into the store reason for experimenting. I think she likes me. Yikes!