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    Language is confusing - I'm not referring to foul or abusive language but just everyday spoken language. I was with a group the other day and this subject can up. It brought to mind that if we're taught a language other than what we speak we don't get the whole picture. Language is like a virus it evolves. For example we can read a book written one hundred years or more and understand it. Yes, there maybe some words we'll have to look up in the dictionary but we can understand it. But the fashion or style it's written in is not how we speak. Another example is I can read a newspaper from another "English" speaking nation and understand most of it but not all - the idioms are different from place to place.

    Just though I'd get that written - deep thinking?Embarassed

  • Briana Purcell Communication is an essential and ever evolving part of us and is the main reason we are who and what we are compared to all of nature - note some animals have limited communications - but only we not only speak across centuries, but symbolically...  more
  • Suzy Russell I don't know about other nation's sign languages but in British deaf sign language there are different accents just like in spoken language and I find that interesting.