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  • 27 Aug 2004
    Wow both kids away for an afternoon evening and morning - gues what I'll be doing. Will follow up later.
    1502 Posted by Tina B
  • 12 May 2005
    Well after the weekend meet with other Trannyweb Girls I think I ought to do as I was told and add to my blog. It is ages since I did so and I can only apologise. Well the weekend meet and the visit to Transmission. I like to be able to spend as much time as Tina when the occasion arises and this time I was able to leave the house dressed apart from the wig. So I managed to get into my car and drive away from home and stop a little way away and add my wig. From then on I was Tina and set off for London. Now I am not sure wheter it was becuase I was not in a rush or whether I drive differently when dressed but the drive from Leeds to London was most pleasureable. I rarely topped 75mph and stopped for a short rest at Newport Pagnell servicxes where I got out to streach my legs and had a drink and a sandwich I had packed. I did not go into the services. Eventually I reached London and managed to negotiate my way to Kings Cross and the Premier Travel Inn on York Way. The problem was where to park. I ended up parking in the long stay car park at Kings Cross Station. It was £22 but I felt that it was worth it as the carpark was under security cameras 24 hours a day. Just as I drove into the car parkj the heavens opened so I spent about 19#0 minutes sitting in my car before it stopped and I could get out in the dry. I got my case and then had to collect a ticket from the attendant. Heart in mouth and trying to walk in as feminine way as possible I walked across the carpark dragging my trolly case and was given a ticket. Nothing untoward there. The next problem was the walk from the car park to the hotel. this involved a long walk along a pathway with no people where I could get my stride correct and then a walk through the middle of Kings Cross Station and the concourse. Then across the road and up York Place to the hotel. I am not sure if anyone gave me a second glance but I didn't notice anyone. Once in the hotel foyer the reception desk was very busy. There was a group of 8 young men leaning on the counter and generally making the receptionists time difficult and three other people waiting in a queue. I joined the queue and waited my turn. I was ready for any of the men to turn and say something but again this did not happen. Eventually my turn came and I approached the receptionist and said that I had a reservation. She looked up the information took my card and I paid. She didn't seem phased by the name on the card being male and me being dressed as a female. I took my key and went to find my room which was clean, with an ensuite toilet and bath. I then took a picture to show how I had arrived. I sat around for a while and amazingly enough actually did some work for about an hour. I then sat and watched TV until Christina sent me a text to tell me which room she was in and why not come along for a chat. I picked up my handbag and ker card and went to her room. She was sharing with Fay so I met the both of them for the first time and we had a drink together. They said that we were meeting in the bar downstairs at about 7:00pm  so I left them to get ready and wended my way back to my room. I then worked out what I was going to wear and around 6:00 had a shower and began to get ready. I was ready a little before 7:00pm. so I took a picture of how I was dressed. That is when I realised that my camera was running short on power and guess what I had left the spare batteries at home - silly girl. Here is the picture.  
    1373 Posted by Tina B
  • 16 Dec 2004
    OK so I'm almost packed. Thanks for the comments from those who left them I am probably going for the second look the one I posted yesterday. Why is it when you pack you never seem to have enough space even though you are only taking the minimum amount of things. Any way I am going to be able to leave earlier than I originally thought so I will not be in such a rush and will definitely have time to change on the way down. The only thinkg is do I change into trousers or a skirt? The skirt would have me looking something like this picture The trousers would probably be more practical so something like this and having listened to the weather forecast it would seem the sensible thing to do. I've never been too sensible and a girl has to wear something which makes her feel good as well as being practical. Well will tell all when I return
    1306 Posted by Tina B
  • 09 Dec 2004
     Well it is ages since I managed to find time to write here. Quite a lot has been happening but not necessarily for Tina. Still things are beginning to look up as I am due to meet up with Katie and Sarah in London on the 17th which means that I can be dressed on my birthday the 18th which will be great. I am now decicing what to wear when I meet them. Should it be a party sparkly dress or a skirt and top ensemble? I think I will probably wear something like this for the evening. What do you think is the skirt too short or the heels too high?  
    1253 Posted by Tina B
Society Girl's Personal Blogs 1,280 views Aug 28, 2005
Back Blogging

Well it seems ages and it is since I last added sonme information to my blog. The main reason is that I have had very little time to be Tina in the past few months up until last Monday when I managed a whole day and managed to take some photos at the same time. One of them was probably the best I have taken of myself.

I don't know whether you agree or not but I think I look quite feminine sitting here on the floor. I really enjoyed my day as I was able to get out into the garden as the neighbours were away. Below is a picture of me coming in from the garden.


I now can't wait for my next opportunity to go out as Tina - I think I can now pass quite well.

You can see lots more pictures I have taken recently by visiting my website. - Leave a message if you do drop in.