totally unbelievable

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    Those of you who've read one of my previous blog posts will know, that at the end of july i had trouble with a local hotel who kicked up a stink about me using the ladies loos there. I had recently written to them to complain about the blatant discriminationory way they had treated me. I'd not heard anythin for over 2 weeks, when a letter from them dropped onto my doormat. There's me thinkin it would be an apology for what was anything BUT!!

    some of the things this "person" had said just made me so angry.." However in my ignorance, a male irrespective of his beliefs, using the ladies toilets without consent is
    deemed to be improper Conduct and i'm lead to believe it Could have potentially legal consequences in an era of concerns about paedophilia, you will accept  my reluctance in allowing you to do so"

    So what the SOB is sayin, not in so many words, is that he thinks i'm some kind of Paedo!!. He's also trying to say that because he didn't use the " correct vocabuulary", i was using it to my advantage. He also reckons that I should be the 1 apologising to HIM!!...yeah right.

    I've left the best bit til last......" I sincerely hope that you come to terms with your actions and finally realise that these events have not just affected you, but also parents, young children, me & the staff as well as the security"
    Thats typical of someone who wasn't even BORN here.He wasn't the one who was humiliated in public by being thrown out of the hotel & having his " hair" go flying..I WAS!. I was gonna take it further, but quite frankly this piece of s&%t isnt worth worrying about.

    However, there is one thing i am going to do & thats contact The Elizabeth hotels group, based in Ipswich. I'm gonna tell them all about this Managers behaviour which was blatant discrimination. I Bet they'd love to hear about that & if it gets this guy the sack then so be it. At least then, hopefully no-one else will have to go through what i had to.