Nervous or what?

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    Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day to say the least & i'm not sure how its going to go, because  we're FINALLY  getting round to burying my grandad. Its taken this long because the gravestone's had to be altered because its a joint plot( My Nan's buried there too) & the hole dug for the urn containing the ashes. I mean, how long can it take to dig a hole 18 inches square & 18n inches deep ffs!.

    This will be the very first time ANY of my Dad's Brothers & their wives will have seen me & i'm not sure how it will go because one of my dad's brothers is a bit of a hypocrite . One the one hand he says he has no problem with me....BUT on the other hand he says  if i turn up to any family thing as me then he'd be pretty peed off.

    Well tomorrow i'll be there & if he doesn't like it then tough on him, because i missed out before & i'm not missing out again. I've not forgiven them for leaving me out of the piece that went in the local
    paper about the funeral......the ONLY member of the whole famliy that was'nt included & i tell you that really did hurt & i let them know in no uncertain terms

       My Dad's said that come hell or high water i will be there to pay my respects. I'm attending the internernment,  NOT for the family but for my mum and dad who've backed me all the way in my decision to go.If they( family) dont like it then its they who have the problem & not me because i'm comfortable with who i am. I would be lying if i said i wasn't a wee bit nervous butn we'll just have to see how things go won't we?