MORE Good News!

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    Had some news today that cheered me up in more ways than one. Months ago, i'd written to Dr Ted Olive, the Psych i saw when he was last practicing in Lowestoft back in July of 2006. I wrote to ask if he was accepting any new patients & if so, would it be possible for me to see him. Getting down to Charing Cross has become very expensive for me so i've been looking into somewhere closer to home which is why i contacted Dr Olive on the off chance he could see me. To be honest i'd forgotten about it when a letter arrived in the post for me this morning. It was indeed a letter from Dr Olive, apologising for not replying to my letter sooner....& offering me an Appointment to see  both him & Barbara Ross ( Gender Counsellor) in 3 wks time!

    This will make a lot of difference to me cost-wise because getting down to Ch X is costing me upwards of £140 just for a 30 min appt. Now it'll cost roughly half that ( Inc Travel there & back) & thats going to save me a fair bit of money. So as you can imagine i'm feeling pretty pleased with myself