"When Fortune Smiles" by Tanya Allan

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    May 17, 2015 10:45 AM BST

    This is the first book in a sort of series with the second one being "Changed Fortune" (directly related) and "The Offer" (a loosely related book that partly involves some of the mainc haracters the Fortune series and hence may benifit from prior reading).


    This book explores the story of Joseph who has always wanted to be a girl and is currently expressing this mostly by doing a amateur drag queen show at a local TG Friendly nightclub. With a remarkable rsemblance to his sister (Jessica) the main character becomes involved in several relationships which put Joseph/Josie into deep bouts of contemplative thought about herself and her future. Things come to an interesting head when she is asked to double her own sister, a travel representative, at a Ski Resort whilst inadvertently becoming involved in a criminal investigation.


    This book is enjoyable for its odd mix of relationships and how they are explored. Particularly as Josie makes new friends whilst exploring old friendships. Other parts of the story add a touch of excitement to the novel and adds a little humour with the various levels of subterfuge (including the bad guys looking for someone of the wrong gender). Not much of the book itself focusses on the actual transition but it is nonetheless and enjoyable fiction book that covers several related topics that are likely to interest a Transgendered audience.


    An entertaining read if somewhat light (on the actual transition phase) that explores transexualism and the various relationships in which one might find oneself while going through a similar process (Family, friends, academic staff, police) with an interesting bit of fiction thrown in to give the book a slight mystery edge.


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