"The Offer" by Tanya Allan

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    May 17, 2015 2:44 PM BST

    While this is a stand-alone book that can be read without prior knowledge it makes reference to characters and back stories that occur in the "When Fortune Smiles" and "Changed Fortune" which might lead you a greater level of enjoyment and/or understanding of this book.


    Max has money problems....

    He's a female impersonator doing a show at a 2-bit nightclub but he's no Drag Queen. The performances are a labour of love requiring the learning of every nuance, the songs and the personficiation of the artist in question and he loves newer and unexplored female stars. But Max suddenly gets a job offer to take his stage performance into real life and impersonate his favourite singer, 24/7 in a subterfuge masterminded by the SIS. With the world his stage, Max finds living en-femme is more the life he's always dreamed of (apparently) and with forced necessity to pull this off "as real" as possible he is taken to extreme lengths (Boob job, bit of a tuck and an anit-estrogen jab) which leaves him facing issues of being Transgendered he'd been putting off for years.


    This was an interesting read with plenty of action (which suits me as I'm a big Robert Ludlum fanatic). On that note its a good read though certainly not up to the standards of the big name authors that spring to mind (Robert Ludlum, |Tom Clance among others). There's some good interaction here between characters and some in-depth look at some of the issues that Max faces through the book but I couldn't help feeling like it was really only scratching the surface of many internal turmoils that Max/Maxine might have been facing. Its certainly worth a look if you enjoyed the Fortne books and would like to see a continuation, if somewhat removed, plot-line.


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